Being Heart Centered in Business and Life
Being Heart Centered in Business and Life

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Being Heart-Centered in Business and Life

In today’s world of business, we often find ourselves lost in to-do lists, barely keeping our heads above water to grab a gasp of air from time to time. Either methodically going through the motions of the workday or plowing through the daily chaos, we become more and more detached from our work’s true meaning.…

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4 Tips to Create the Best First Impression Over The Phone

We all understand the power of a first impression. Whether someone is forming their opinion based off of an office they walk into or a call over the phone, you only have so much time to make sure your first impression is unforgettable. The goal is to leave people better than you found them. Someone…

Prepared to Work Remotely?

With the global health crisis of COVID-19 it’s up to all of us to find ways to not only endure this chaos but to uphold our way of life and support our fellow human beings. So, you’re probably wondering, how can I support anyone, even myself, with all this social distancing? Several areas of this country are…

4 Reasons Why a Live Answering Service Helps You During a Health Crisis

With the rapid spread of this newest strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the world facing a health pandemic, there has been a lot of precautions and restrictions put into place for attending public events and places in these past months. Many areas where COVID-19 has been reported have required local businesses to close their front doors and subject residents in the area to stay confined to…

April Fools’ Day: A Brief History

Although April Fools’ Day, also referred to as All Fools’ Day, has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures its exact origins remain a mystery to this very day.

How to Train New Hires for Long Term Success

How do you train newly hired employees for long term success with your company? That was what I needed to answer when I began my journey as the Training and Development specialist with Abby Connect. I have done extensive research, seminars, courses, brainstorming sessions, plus the trusty trial and error method in search of answers…

How to Be Better at Multitasking

Back in 2013, British psychologists claimed that women are better than men at multitasking in an article published in the BMC Psychology journal. The Harvard Business Review wrote in response that these assumptions are not backed by evidence and that most studies still show that gender does not play a role in our ability to multitask.  

Why Your Home Business Needs a Virtual Receptionist

Having a home business can come with amazing perks but it also has its challenges. One obstacle that should be familiar to you at home business owners is having to push back those solicitors from your front door while trying to juggle your client conference calls. In fact, it’s not just the interruptions knocking at your door that intrude on those important client calls. There’s a whole other world of interference happening at home while you’re trying to work…