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The Power of Just Being There

In Michael Sorensen’s book, I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships, you discover very early on in his research that the majority of people need someone to listen to their problems and validate them. It’s through validating we flex an awesome power that we all possess. The power of just being there.…

How to Train New Hires for Long Term Success

How do you train newly hired employees for long term success with your company? That was what I needed to answer when I began my journey as the Training and Development specialist with Abby Connect. I have done extensive research, seminars, courses, brainstorming sessions, plus the trusty trial and error method in search of answers…

Working Moms in Business

Working with a great team like Abby Connect definitely has its perks. One thing, we definitely have a majority female team and the energy is positive, not negative and catty like some might expect.