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No one likes to reach a call center. This is why we only have a small, dedicated team of receptionists answering your calls. You and your callers will become very familiar with the receptionists answering your calls, as they will with you. They will truly be an extension of yourself and your team! 

What are your Hours?

Abby Connect is available whenever you need us. Our standard package includes live answering anytime between the hours of 5am-9pm PST weekdays, and 6am-6pm PST on weekends. If you need answering beyond those hours, no problem! We offer 24/7/365 as an add on.

Where are Abby's receptionists located?

All of our receptionists work right here in our Las Vegas, NV office. We do not outsource nor hire work-from-home receptionists whose security, reliability, and quality may be compromised. The Abby Way is built upon a strong culture, community, support and training.

Is there a long-term contract?

Not at all! If you activate your account after your free trial, you'll then be able to cancel within the first 30 days without any notice. After those initial 30 days, we do require a 30 day cancellation notice to smoothly transition out of live answering your calls.

How do I receive my messages?

Receive your messages where you want them. We can email them, send them as a text message (SMS) to your phone, and even send them as a pop-up notification to the AbbyGO mobile app. We can also send them to multiple contacts in your company if you so choose.

Can I record my calls?

We include two styles of call recordings to fit your preference or compliance needs. You can choose to have just your receptionist recorded on all calls, or both the caller and the receptionist on all calls. Please note, for this the two-way option, we are legally required to place a prompt at the beginning of each call to notify the caller that the call is being recorded.

"Exceptional care actually means doing more than what your customers expect. That's the Abby Way." 

An exemplary customer experience can completely define how someone feels about a brand. It can turn a one-off purchase into a lifetime of loyalty and transform an average consumer into a passionate advocate. Exceptional care actually means doing more than what your customers expect. That's the Abby Way. Here at Abby Connect, we believe that great customer care isn’t just about having a well-trained team. It’s about empowering each individual to go above and beyond. We ingrain this mentality into all our receptionists and every single employee is empowered to do what’s necessary to wow the customer or client. 

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