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Improved Customer Service With Virtual Receptionists

Convert more callers into customers, save time, and grow your business with a professional human virtual receptionist team for phone calls and live chat. Our live virtual receptionists are powered by AI technology. Click the buttons below to learn more.

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Revolutionize Your Call Handling with an Expert, Human Virtual Receptionist Team

Small, Dedicated Teams

Unlike large call centers, you get a team of 5-10 virtual receptionists who actually know your business—all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. Our receptionists sound so good, your callers will think they’re at your front desk. 

The Abby Proven Process

We make complex phone management easy. With the Abby Proven Process, you get a dedicated client success manager (CSM), access to a solutions engineer, and proactive support and optimizations. 

Abby Intelligence

Combining automation technology and human intelligence features, we turn your human virtual receptionist team into super-humans, proactively optimizing your account, reducing errors, and improving efficiency so your phone experience gets better every day. 

Their customer service is fantastic. I haven’t worked with another company that’s as responsive as them.

Talitha K Co-Founder & Attorney, Legal Services

They don’t sound like the typical reception service that I’ve used in the past. Abby is super cost-effective and I’ve recommended them highly.

Michelle H Personal Injury Firm Manager

They’re very accommodating and easy to work with. Abby makes it easy for customers to reach us and it presents a good face for our company when people call.

Ben C CEO, Web Development Agency

Having them helped me greatly with being able to provide a higher level of customer service and everybody at Abby Connect has been wonderful.

Dominique S Escrow Fund Director

Abby Connect is something that distinguishes me from my competitors.

Damon C DUI & DWI Attorney

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Do What You Do Best. Let Abby Virtual Receptionists Do the Rest!

Increase ROI Through Phone Calls & Live Chat

Prioritizing customer experience is proven to increase retention, satisfaction, and revenue.

Save Time on Repetitive Tasks

Focus on what you do best and let us handle the busy work.

Be Available Whenever You’re Needed

Impress callers and website visitors on their first interaction. Don’t let your clients hang up and call your competitors.

Employ Highly Trained Specialists

Grow your business with your own professional, reliable, and personable receptionist team.

Highly Trained Virtual Receptionist Teams

  • Abby Connect Jazmin featured Phone Answering Service
  • Abby Connect David featured Virtual Receptionist Staff
  • Abby connect Mariah Virtual Receptionist Featured Staff
  • Melissa The Virtual Receptionist Featured staff
Jazmin Abby Connect Featured Phone Answering Service

Meet Jazmin

Receptionist | 3 years

Our resident artist, Jazmin, is a friendly and fun receptionist who loves working for Abby Connect because of our amazing management team.

  • Fluent in Both Spanish & English
  • Loves Drawing, Painting, Dancing & Cooking
  • Creates Online Video Make-up Tutorials
Meet the Team
David Abby Connect Featured Virtual Receptionist

Meet David

Receptionist | 1 years

Our favorite New Yorker, this Brooklyn-born receptionist is good-humored, thoughtful, and smart as a whip.

  • Loves Making Funny Videos
  • His Favorite Movie is Home Alone
  • Survived the Cyclone Roller Coaster on Coney Island
Meet the Team
Mariah Abby Connect Featured Medical Receptionist

Meet Mariah

Talent Acquisition Specialist | 3 years

Our Talent Acquisition Specialist and singer, Mariah, loves the Abby Culture and helping grow our team.

  • Born and Raised In Las Vegas
  • Was In Choir For 8 Years
  • Favorite Superhero: Her Mom
Meet the Team
Melissa Abby Connect Featured Phone Answering Service Receptionist

Meet Melissa

Answering Expert | 4 years

A Las Vegas girl, who once lived in Sweden, Melissa loves the work environment at Abby Connect and is a social butterfly.

  • Fluent in Both Spanish and English
  • Enjoys Working with Lawyers
  • Loves Karaoke, Traveling, and Hidden Coffee Shops
Meet the Team

Highly Customized Customer Experience Catered for Your Business

Automation-Assisted Human Receptionist

Abby is more than a virtual receptionist service. Generate more revenue with 100% live answering and advanced features. 

  • Dedicated Receptionist Team 
  • Custom Call Handling 
  • Dedicated CSM & Abby Intelligence 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Integrations & Solutions Engineer 

Live Chat

Put the human back in the conversation and make meaningful connections with your website visitors.

  • Chat to Call
  • Automated Greetings
  • Pre Chat Form
  • Post Chat Survey
  • 24/7 Availability

Introducing the future of conversation. The Abby Human Intelligence Feature Set is here.

We’re constantly innovating, adding new features and improving our already best-in-the-industry service. With Abby Human Intelligence (A.H.I.)—which combines the efficiency of automation and technology with human intelligence and empathy—we’re improving the efficiency, quality, and consistency of your call-handling. And there are more features entering Beta every week!

Experienced Receptionists
for Every Type of Business

Industry | Legal

Convert Calls to Clients

When a potential or existing client calls your practice, they want to talk to someone who can help. Grow your firm with your own professional, reliable and personable virtual receptionist team.

Our Legal Services

Industry | Dental

Call Management Solution

When you choose our dental answering service, you free up your staff to process your in-office clients and complete other tasks while never missing a single call.

Our Dental Services

Industry | Accountant

Save Money and Time

There’s no need to try to save money on personnel expenses by answering your own phone, sacrificing billable hours. Instead, let Abby Connect handle your calls so you can spend more time handling the issues that require your accounting expertise.

Our Accounting Services

Industry | Chiropractic

The Hands On Approach

Instead of relying on automated systems to supplement your office staff, maintain that person-to-person connection that your patients expect from you.

Our Chiropractic Services

Industry | Small Business

Provide a Personal Touch

Our virtual receptionists uphold your company’s image and branding on each call as if they were right in your office. You can trust that the frontline of your business is in well-trained hands.

Our Small Business Services