We want to make your life easier. Through custom built integrations, your Abby Connect receptionists can plug right in to your existing workflows.

Workflow & Automation Builder

Zapier is a powerful tool that allows users to connect their apps and automate workflows. Zapier will help you integrate various tools or apps you are already using with Abby Connect.

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clio grow and abby connect

Law Firm CRM & Intake Tool

Clio Grow’s API Integration allows for Abby Connect to send call information from prospective (new) clients into your Clio Grow Lead Inbox for tracking and follow-up.

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hub spot and abby connect

CRM & More

Our integration with Hubspot allows us to share information with our clients’ HubSpot system. New contacts can be created, and existing contacts can be updated.

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lawmatics and abby connect

Intake, CRM, & Marketing

By integrating with Lawmatics, Abby Connect can send call information into your Lawmatics account. New contacts can be created, and existing contacts can be updated.


clio and abby connect

Legal Practice Management & CRM

Our integration with Clio allows Abby Connect’s team to send call information from prospective and current clients into your Clio Manage system.


your forms with abby connect

Use Your Own Forms

Most customer management tools allow you to create web forms. As long as the form can be linked to, we can submit information from callers into your system, typically to add new contacts or update existing contacts.

Abby Connect will be adding more integrations with your current toolsets to boost productivity and enhance your experience. If there is a specific integration you would like to see Abby Connect explore, let us know.

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