Our Story: The History of Abby Connect

The Abby Connect Family

From a young age, Nathan Strum was taught everything about owning a business from his parents, Gail and Jeff. Beginning with operating a private charter airline to running three bagel businesses, the Strums have always been hands-on with their businesses and involved their children.

“When we had our bagel stores, our 10-year-old daughter would help make our cream cheese. Nathan, along with his father, made the dough for the bagels for our store and wholesale buyers. We always taught our kids the importance of putting 100% towards everything they do,” Gail shared.

Through working with his family’s businesses, Nathan learned how to be reliable, treat people with respect, and practice financial savviness. He pursued business as a career and worked in a variety of jobs before landing in Las Vegas with his family. In 2005, the Strum family’s passion for innovation in the business world led Jeff, Gail, and Nathan to launch what became TelAssistant, a receptionist service that helped business owners with their call answering needs. Each call was professionally handled through the vibrant voices of his diverse team of receptionists. Additionally, the network quickly extended its focus from not only virtual receptionists but also virtual and everyday office space.

As the company’s first receptionist, Gail set the bar high for the entire team as the model of an amazing customer service provider. By interacting with customers and answering the phones, she discovered that making connections and always going the extra mile for her customers would make everyone enjoy doing business together. “By taking the extra time to talk to our clients and get to know them, I was able to increase the number of loyal customers for the company and drive more referral business.” The Strums saw the value in providing exceptional customer service and built their receptionist training and company culture around this principle.

In 2014, Jeff approached Nathan about rebranding the company on the principle of connecting each caller with a receptionist, and Abby Connect was born. His team of receptionists facilitated fabulous connections, meaningful relationships, and happy callers — one call at a time. At the core, the Strums believe exceptional customer service will ensure clients capture more opportunities and convert more prospects to clients. They also believe that having tight-knit company culture which emphasizes team building and personal development, will extend into creating a better service for clients.

Abby is named for bringing people great joy. The receptionists help clients wow their customers by creating connections. Through the years, Abby Connect continues to be a receptionist and customer service industry leader by bringing smiles and genuine warmheartedness to their callers.

Today, Abby continues to give exceptional customer care through empowering each of their employees to go above and beyond in order to amaze callers. They remain deeply proud to be the top choice for receptionist and customer service for businesses of all sizes including lawyers, accountants, CPAs, and home or commercial services across the United States and Canada.

There’s no telling what the next 14 years hold for Abby Connect. However, there is one certainty: Abby Connect will be unwavering in its commitment to a people-focused company culture and providing non-stop customer care so that their clients continue to succeed.

Meet the Family Behind Abby Connect

Jeff Strum

Gail Strum Abby Connect Founder

Gail Strum

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