How is Abby Connect Different From Other Virtual Receptionist Services?

Abby Connect Difference

If you do a quick Google search for virtual receptionist services, you’ll find there are dozens of options to choose from. So how do you know which factors are most important in choosing between these services?

Do you want to work with a US-based firm that continually improves their features and services based on customer feedback and invests in elite training and genuine employee happiness that you can hear delivered on each and every call? Then, Abby Connect is the virtual receptionist for you.

Recently rated as the #1 Legal Answering Service, #1 Answering Service and #1 Virtual Receptionist Service, Abby Connect Virtual Receptionists take pride in being a leader in the customer service industry. Abby Connect was built by the Strum family, who today all still work within the company in different positions, which fosters a tight-knit family environment.

Abby is completely different from their competitors for several reasons including extensive and continuous training, over-the-top customer service and focus on customer happiness, and our dedication to giving to our employees and our local community. As a company, when it comes to our employees and clients we always support each other, celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, pick each other up during tough times, and listen to their wants and needs.

A virtual receptionist at her desk being trained by her boss

Training is Critical

As part of our extensive and continuous training, our receptionist team leaders and Director of Operations, who all started as receptionists themselves, give lessons in various areas including empathy, listening, tone of voice, how to create personal connections, and building trust. This allows our receptionists to truly deliver a memorable experience to callers and provides an excellent first impression of the business we are representing. Every receptionists is also re-trained when any mistakes are made, as well as for every change made to our clients’ accounts.

Our virtual receptionists are often referred to us through friends, colleagues and clients, which adds to the family atmosphere. All receptionists attend weekly one-on-one meetings called Masterminds where they work on developing skills through exercises and furthering knowledge of the industries we serve.

Mastermind is an opportunity to dive deep into areas for improvement, get inspired, motivated and most importantly – goal setting and accomplishments.  Through individual training based on call evaluations, Mastermind allows each and every receptionists to tackle their personal and professional successes and areas for improvement head on. Not many companies invest enough in the professional and personal growth of their employees.  It’s a significant part of our training because when our receptionists strive to be their best (through accountability and coaching) they ultimately become the people they aspire to be. By helping them build their confidence, they in turn deliver a genuine and exceptional call experience that can’t be matched.

Recently, we launched the Amplify training where our Director of Staff Development, who also started as an Abby virtual receptionist, will listen in on a live call with the receptionist and deliver on-the-spot feedback.

Non-Stop Customer Care Abby Connect

Our Focus is Non-Stop Customer Care

We offer our customers professional, friendly, customer service experts who become your staff, which allows them to provide consistent customer support. Our clients’ goals are the reason we work hard and always provide exceptional customer service.

Our staff is always going above and beyond for our customers. Our CEO, Nathan Strum, was on a trip to Colorado when he received a phone call that needed immediate attention. He pulled over to the side of the highway and personally addressed and immediately fixed the problem which was affecting our client’s account. With other businesses, you can’t reach key players while they’re out of the office. At Abby, that’s not the case because we know our client’s next big client can call in at any time of the day. Our account managers have been known to change a client’s account settings on their off-hours to ensure our receptionists always have the most up-to-date information for their callers.

Because of our exceptional service, our clients often leave us reviews on Consumer Affairs, Clutch, Facebook, and Google, to let us know how we are doing. Click below to see some highlights of what they have to say about our services:
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Abby Connect Volunteer Ronald McDonald House

Together Everyone Achieves More

A research study found that 62% say giving back makes their companies more successful in the long run. Giving is what Abby is all about. We give a listening ear; we give compliments; we give many laughs; we give our time, we give optimism, hope and confidence to callers for our clients. We also give back to our community.

For the past few years the Abby team has participated in a number of volunteer activities within the Las Vegas, Nevada community. Some of the causes we’ve been overjoyed to regularly support are the The CASA Foundation, which helps care for the unmet needs of children in foster care, and Three Square, to pack meals and snacks for hundreds of children and adults across southern Nevada.

In 2018, we collected 18 cases of water for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission who put out a call for water donations due to the large number of homeless people being turned away without water. In 2017, after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, we offered our full range of services for free to victims of the storms by extending our trial program.

We also give to our employees. We celebrate their major life milestones such as weddings, engagements, babies, birthdays, holidays, work anniversaries, and graduations. We get to know each other through luncheons and coffee dates. We uplift each other through encouragement notes and congratulations emails on major accomplishments and client compliments.

Our goal is to provide our customers non-stop customer care. With our focus on giving to our employees and our community, as well as our commitment to providing customers professional, friendly, customer service oriented receptionists and continual staff training, we are unlike any virtual receptionist service on the market.