Call Answering Service Seasonal Blues at Work
Call Answering Service Seasonal Blues at Work

Four Ways To Beat The Seasonal Blues At Work

With summer coming to a close, we welcome the season of Autumn. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes and holiday decorations fill office desks, local stores and the homes of many. What also comes with the change of season, is the change in weather. Saying goodbye to summer is much more than welcoming orange and yellow leaves.


Science Shows That Gloomy Days Have A Damper On Our Productivity

What is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is more or less caused by the lack of sunlight and cold weather.

On gloomy days it is harder for people to roll out of bed. We feel more tired and less motivated because the weather is in direct connection with our emotional state.

How Can You Help Your Team Get Out Of This Funk?

You have to take ownership and lead your team to create a positive, upbeat environment, even on the gloomiest of days. Think of activities that will get everyone moving. Remember, the more they sit, the less energized they will feel.

1. Bring Out The Games

Have resources that allow your team to get up and get their mind off of work. Whether it’s a quick puzzle or some sort of competitive game, this will help them snap out of their routine and get their endorphins running.  Laughter is an incredible remedy for any sort of funk.

2. Random Acts of Kindness

It is said that when you serve the greater good you will feel good. Putting greatness into the world can change your mood. Encourage your team to do random acts of kindness to spread positivity around the workplace or even the community. This is a powerful tool to use during a gloomy, rainy day.

3. Make Vision Boards

Make it a team project to get everyone’s creativity flowing. Arts and crafts are fun on a chilly day, and they serve an even bigger purpose to get your team energized.  Naturally, humans are energized when they feel like they are working towards something. This is why vision boards can help your team out of a funk. Bring magazines, posters and some hot chocolate and all the essentials to have your team put their visions into existence.

4. Have An Attitude of Gratitude

Developing a grateful spirit is something that will get you out of bed every morning. When it seems tough to roll out of your comfy bed, think of three things your are grateful for. Think of the potential you have within the day, your purpose and how fueled you are about the future. To help your staff, starting a gratitude journal can help.

Written by

Marlene Cosain

Marlene Cosain

Marlene started with Abby Connect 7 years ago as a receptionist and was won over by the culture and care the company has for its employees. The minute she took her first phone call, she fell in love with helping people. Since then, Marlene has been a pivotal piece of growing Abby Connect – having been a long-time leader in hiring, training, developing, and managing the receptionist floor. Outside of work, Marlene and her husband also run an online retail business. Marlene’s personal mission as a certified Life Coach and as an Abby Way Co-Director is to inspire, empower and educate others in the Abby Way.

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