New Potential Clients Await - Holiday Season Arrives

The Holidays are almost here! For some, that means Holiday vacations, travel, enjoying warm and cozy nights by the fireplace, cool weathered days to dress accordingly for and quality time with family and friends. Nothing but, some well-earned rest and relaxation.

For others, however, the Holiday season means some serious business. We’re talking about plumbing preparations for the guest bathroom, emergency HVAC repairs, much-needed tree and brush removal, those home repairs you’ve put off all year long, and so on. All seasonal and season-driven companies are gearing up for their busiest time of the year. For both their professional and personal lives.
If you operate a company that thrives during the winter months, you’ve probably been spending a significant amount of time and resources on pumping up business for the Holiday season. Maybe you’ve planned marketing and sales campaigns, expanded your online presence, hired new personnel, purchased new supplies and equipment, or all the above. But, are you ready to handle a wave of new customers?

Getting people through the door (both literally and figuratively speaking) is just half the battle. Customers expect your full attention. According to this year’s Small and Medium Business Trends report from Salesforce, one of the top growth challenges is meeting customer experience expectations, which nearly three in five SMB leaders cite. Will you be able to give the experiences they deserve while handling all of the demands of a very busy season?

Optimize Everyone’s Customer Experiences with Live Receptionists

Working long hours, doubling up on your staff, or turning away prospects to ensure the exceptional customer or client experiences isn’t good for you, your employees, your business or your customers. With a dedicated team of live receptionists on your side, custom calling, optional extended hours or 24/7 answering services available, you can be confident that:

  • Every caller is given a genuine human experience. No robots on the other line.

  • Every call is answered with a friendly and professional tonality that reflects your company’s values and mission.
  • All correct information provided by the caller is completely and accurately captured
  • Receptionists keep you updated with real-time notifications, empowering you with the ability to plan and prioritize tasks to most efficiently help your business.

Consider the Labor Attracting and Serving a Customer or Client

A plumber, for example, can expect to spend a dozen hours working face-to-face with homeowners. That’s not including the 35 to 60-plus hours behind the scenes spent keeping the business going with inventory, paperwork, accounting, etc. Most of the time is spent with those homeowners is establishing a sense of trust in each working relationship. A single negative experience, of any kind, threatens to undo all that hard work.

And, missed opportunities only make this worse. An overwhelmed or unavailable business loses customer acquisition investment and works against its own interests. According to a study conducted by Forbes, 80% of would-be customers will hang up without leaving a voicemail if their call isn’t answered because those callers believe their message will never be heard by human ears. And, according to Message Direct, 85% of consumers whose calls aren’t answered will never call back. Yikes!

Consider Abby Connect Live Receptionists

At Abby Connect we help GROW your business by providing every contact complete, personalized attention, and a genuine human connection. We respect your busy schedule and the personal touches that make your business so special. Even though you really want to be, you can’t be everywhere at once. And, Abby Connect gets that.

features-with-abby-connectWe’re not here to replace your operations team or front desk staff. Our solution is to help empower your people and your business. During the busiest of days, or days when you choose to step away and enjoy the Holiday festivities, Abby Connect provides you the flexibility and reliability you need. You can rest assured this Holiday season that those calls you can’t take are being handled by an exceptional team of live professional receptionists. This year celebrate the Holidays the way you’ve always wanted to, without sacrificing any quality or consistency. Never miss another opportunity to grow your business again! Call Abby Connect today at 877-303-5757 to start your 14-Day FREE Trial!

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