Guide: Vetting Products & Services

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You know better than anyone that these are uncertain times for business owners. Now more than ever, with inflation, economic uncertainty, and other challenges and changes in the economy, it’s important for small business owners to be mindful of efficiency and where you’re spending your money. 

When you’re investing in new tools – whether to increase productivity or complete a specific task – you expect to see your investment returned. Of course, getting there is harder than it should be. You have to wade through marketing materials, sit through sales presentations, compare and contrast options, test solutions and still, even after all this work, you may end up with a solution that doesn’t live up to expectations. 

We developed this all-in-one tool for selecting and vetting products and services to make your life easier! 

In this guide we explore: 

  • Vetting your existing solutions 
  • Vetting new products & solutions 
  • The questions you should ask new & existing vendors 
  • Plug and play email templates 
  • Easy processes you can utilize for long-term success 

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You want to work with businesses you trust – that means effective long-term relationships with well-vetted products & services. And we want to help you get there!  

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Written by

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

Anna is an accomplished marketing professional with an MBA and certification in marketing and eight years of experience in the field. More than half of that experience has been focused on customer experience and small business growth, exploring how businesses balance human and technology solutions. Above all, Anna is committed to human-first marketing and business development, ensuring that every initiative is focused on creating meaningful connections with customers and driving long-term growth.