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When you choose our medical answering service, you can simply put your missed call worries to rest.


Abby Connect is fantastic. I would refer them to everybody. It has allowed us to work more efficiently in the office.

Stephanie E Paralegal

Simplify Your Complex Lawyer Office Needs

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A scheduled appointment can mean the difference between a done deal or a satisfied client, and a doubtful prospect. Your team can book appointments using a program that offers integrations with Outlook and Google. Call us for more details on your scheduling options.

Abby Connect helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences for your Spanish-speaking callers as well. Every Abby Connect team features bilingual receptionists who help build trust and confidence with your Spanish-speaking customers from their very first call.

We don’t expect your intake needs to be the same as the next company. Customize what information we gather, so we can ensure you have everything you need to qualify, prioritize and assist your clients!

We are always open! Your team of receptionists can be available whenever you need them. Whether you require standard business hours, 24/7/365, or somewhere in between, we are here for you and your callers.

No one likes to reach a call center. This is why we only have a small, dedicated team of receptionists answering your calls. You and your callers will become very familiar with the receptionists answering your calls, as they will with you. They soon will truly be an extension of yourself and your team!

Don’t get caught off guard with a call you didn’t want. Your team of receptionists will screen all your calls. We will announce who is calling and why, and you can either accept or decline the call! Never take a call you don’t want!

We take all the hard work out of your phone answering operations. You will have a single person overseeing your Abby Connect account, who you can contact directly, and a Team Lead for your receptionists who help implement changes quickly and ensure your callers are receiving top-quality care.

Prefer voicemails over written message? Not a problem! We offer custom voicemail solutions included in your plan. You can have one general voicemail box, or a box for each staff member. The choice is yours! We also offer voicemail transcription through IBM Watson.

Express yourself and your company through custom transfer tunes. Want to sound more professional, or more fun? There’s surely a tune that fits you. You can choose one of our default tunes, or bring your own!

Clients and callers typically have questions. When you aren’t available for a call to provide all the details, don’t let your caller get frustrated waiting for answers. Your receptionist team can have information about common questions asked on hand to better help your clients and offer a much better customer experience.

The AbbyGO Mobile App allows you to make and manage your calls from anywhere! With the tap of a button, you can review your calls and receptionist messages in real-time, set your availability and call handling, make free outgoing calls from your business phone line, and send and receive texts. Managing your business remotely or on-the-go has never been easier.

Your call volume doesn’t dictate your company size. No matter what plan you are on and the size of your company, we can help. There is no limit to the number of team members you can have as contacts on your account and who can receive calls and communications from your receptionist team.

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Abby is Always Available and Ready to Help

While the evidence may prove that the call came in after hours, during lunch time, or even while you were giving expert legal advice to another client, the verdict in that caller’s mind is final – Unreachable, Unprofessional.

  • Promptly Answer Calls Live Within 2-3 Rings
  • Available for Full-time Use, Part-time or Overflow
  • Extended Hours, Weekend Live Answering, and 24/7 Answering Available
“Unsolicited compliments on the quality of our receptionists...”

We receive constant feedback from our users about how pleased they are with our responsiveness, and all of that is predicated on Abby Connect delivering messages that are timely and accurate. We couldn’t operate without them.

Talitha K, Co-Founder & Attorney, Legal Services
Las Vegas, NV
Virtual receptionist answering a phone call at her desk

Obtain Accurate Information

When a potential or existing client calls your practice, they want to talk to someone who can help. Abby Connect’s legal answering service allows you to overcome the unreachable objection each and every time a call comes in.

  • Bilingually Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Trained in CRMs and Detailed Intake Requests
  • Obtain Accurate Personal and Incident Data on the First Call, Not the Follow-up Return Call

  • An Entire Virtual Receptionist Team for Less Than the Cost of a Part-time Assistant!
  • Total Call Management Solution for a Private Firm
  • Obtain Accurate Personal and Incident Data on the First Call, Not the Follow-up Return Call
  • Effective Call Screening to Meet Your Client Guidelines According to Your Prescribed Procedures
  • Free Up Your Legal Assistants to Do Legal Work
  • Delegate Routine Inquiries and Tasks Such as Directions to Your Office

Super Simple Prices

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Per month / $2.79 per minute

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500 Minutes


Per month / $2.18 per minute

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an answering service and a virtual receptionist?

The stereotypical answering service lacks a personal touch. The receptionist will only be able to do absolute basic tasks, such as answer your calls and perhaps cold transfer the caller to you. A virtual receptionist helps you with much more, upholding your company’s image and branding on each call as if the receptionist was right in your office. Your virtual receptionist will answer, screen your calls, transfer your desired calls, take down messages, and interact with your caller as you specify. The real difference between a typical answering service and a virtual receptionist like Abby Connect is that you can trust that the frontline of your business is in well-trained hands.

Do your receptionists speak Spanish?

Yes, fluently! Many of our receptionists are fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and are able to flawlessly handle your calls in either language. Every team features at least 2 bilingual receptionists who help build trust and confidence with your Spanish-speaking callers from their very first call.

Do live receptionists answer all of my calls?

With pleasure! During your chosen service hours, one of our wonderful virtual receptionists will answer each and every call in a sparkling, lively and inviting tone.

Where are Abby’s receptionists located?

All of our receptionists work right here in our Las Vegas, NV office. We do not outsource nor hire* work-from-home receptionists whose security, reliability, and quality may be compromised. The Abby Way is built upon a strong culture, community, support and training.

*Of course, we have back-up plans to help us operate in case of emergency. Although we were deemed an essential business during the COVID-19 crisis, a few of our receptionists had to work from home due to health concerns. We were able to transition some of our team into this temporary situation without any interruption to our services, and have since reorganized our office physically and operationally to allow us to practice safe social distancing while we work. Abby’s receptionists will be 100% operating from our office again on 6/8/2020.

What will the receptionist say when they answer the phone?

Abby Connect virtual receptionists greet each of your callers with a greeting that is tailored to your wishes for your company. We keep it personal and welcoming. A common greeting may sound like: “Good Morning/Afternoon, thank you for calling ________. How may I assist you?” Another greeting may sound like, “It’s a great day at ____. How may I direct your call?” Regardless, the live call answering greeting is fully up to you and what suits your company best.