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Abby Services Free 14-Day Trial

Do What You do Best. We’ll Handle the Rest.

Let Us Handle the Busy Work

Save your valuable time for what you do best and not repetitive tasks. We will answer the calls and live chats while you grow the business.

Outshine Your Competition

Don’t let your customers hang up and call your competitors. Impress callers on their first interaction anytime, anywhere.

Increase Your Business’ ROI

Prioritizing customer experience is proven to increase revenue, satisfaction, and retention.

Provide a Personal Touch

Amazing people produce amazing experiences. Our specialists are trained to deliver a professional and personable interaction.

13 hrs+

a week saved by business owners and admins

#1 rated

virtual receptionist service by Consumer Affairs


small businesses happily served

Highly Customized Customer Experience Catered for Your Business

Live Receptionist

Generate more revenue with #1 rated virtual receptionist service that answers every call.

  • Dedicated Receptionist Team
  • Custom Answering Hours
  • Customized Client Intake
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Call Announcement & Transfer

Live Chat

Put the human back in the conversation and make meaningful connections with your website visitors.

  • Chat to Call
  • Automated Greetings
  • Pre Chat Form
  • Post Chat Survey
  • 24/7 Support
#1 Virtual Receptionists
Consumer Affairs | 2016-2021
Top Virtual Receptionist Service
CLUTCH | 2017-2021
Top Answering Services
CLUTCH | 2017-2021
Top Attorney Answering Services
CLUTCH | 2017-2021

“They don't sound like the typical receptionist service that I've used in the past. Abby is super cost-effective and I've recommended them highly.”

Michelle H.
Personal Injury Firm Manager

We Keep it Simple with Friendly Technology

AbbyGO Mobile App

Manage and make calls anywhere with the AbbyGO mobile app. With the tap of a button, you can review your calls and receptionist messages in real time.

Seamless Integrations

We want to make your life easier. Through custom built integrations, your dedicated receptionists will plug right into your existing workflows.

Call Forwarding Instructions

We provide simple phone forwarding instructions for almost every phone carrier. If it gets tricky, then we are always willing to walk you through the process.

Comfortable Pricing for the Small Business Budget

100 Receptionist Minutes


Per Month / $2.99 Per Minute

200 Receptionist Minutes


Per Month / $2.75 Per Minute

500 Receptionist Minutes


Per Month / $2.40 Per Minute