Law Firm Growth Hacks: 6 Strategies to Build a Client Intake Machine

Get a step ahead of other law firms…

There’s a certain uneasiness about wasting a marketing budget. Lawyers can only scale when billable hours come in through the door (or, in this case, the phone). A big source of missed opportunity? Client intake. If you’re spending dollars on getting the message out about your firm, your bottom line suffers when qualified prospects don’t become clients.

We recently paired with Libby Luff to understand potential solutions to avoid lackluster client intake operations. Libby is Strategic Partnership Manager at PracticePanther, an all-in-one LPM solution for small to medium firms looking to automate and grow their practice.

Increase your firm’s ability to scale effectively. View the webinar to discover our growth hacks:

  1. Determine Your Current Processes
  2. Offer a Hassle-Free Intake Process
  3. Create a Welcome Email
  4. (view video to discover)
  5. (view video to discover)
  6. (view video to discover)

One last consideration: client intake starts with a phone call. When you miss phone calls, you miss potential clients. Every Abby connect client comes equipped with a dedicated virtual receptionist team and account success manager. With a team trained specifically to your administrative needs, we are sure to further your law firm’s growth and optimize to lower cost and save time.

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Written by

Ashley Fisher-Nelson

Ashley Fisher-Nelson

Ashley Fisher-Nelson is the Director of Demand Generation at Abby Connect, a top-rated virtual reception solution serving law firms in the US and Canada. In just shy of two decades Ashley has performed with Billboard Top 25 Artists, helped dozens of businesses grow and scale through strategic sales and marketing implementation, developed strategic partnerships with over 300 organizations, and she helped Ruby (formerly Ruby Receptionists) grow as a top brand within the legal industry. As the daughter of a small-firm lawyer, Ashley has a passion for helping law firms develop and optimize their practice and has spent most of her career working with organizations supporting law firms like the Ashley has worked with established brands developing, implementing, and teaching best-in-class customer service practices. With a dedication to results, exceptional service, and building relationships Ashley has helped clients and teams hit their growth goals and develop strong, customer-centric brands.