Everything You Need to Know About Attorney Answering Services

An attorney answering service may be a good idea for 2013, but it’s also a good idea to do some research and to learn a thing or two before rushing into any new service or business add-on. Fortunately, we’re making this process a little bit easier by doing a roundup of all the information we have to offer about attorney answering services. Why fight through the “brochureware” of answering service providers to locate information that’s actually valuable to you, or waste time making phone calls to get your questions answered? It’s the holiday season, after all, the season of giving, the season where people would rather spend time with their families or get gifts for Christmas. Our small gift to you this year is this roundup:

A Lawyer’s Handbook for the Best Answering Service

How an Attorney Answering Service Can Grow Your Practice – An attorney answering service can be a great asset for practices large and small. Here’s how it can help to grow your practice.

The New Lawyer: Trends that are Reshaping the Legal Industry – This is a really cool infographic that shows how the legal industry is changing, and how emerging technologies (like an attorney answering service) fit into the picture.

5 Big Signs that You Need a Legal Answering Service – Do you simply not have enough time to take calls? Or maybe you’re spending too much time on the phone as it is? If either of those is true, then those are just two of the five big signs that a legal answering service might come in handy for your practice.

2 Reasons Why Lawyers Should Consider a Live Answering Phone Service – No, the two reasons aren’t to deal with stupid clients or to get some peace and quiet once in a while.

The Service of a Virtual Legal Assistant Cannot be Beaten – Just in case you were wondering if having someone in-house might be better. In some cases, it isn’t.

Virtual Legal Assistants: Combating the Major Challenges Facing Today’s Attorney – They really are, and besides the fact that you may never meet your virtual legal assistant, they are just as good as normal legal assistants.

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Marlene Cosain

Marlene Cosain

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