Post-Conference Takeaways And Thoughts From 2019 QuickBooks Connect

Another QuickBooks conference came and went this November in sunny San Jose, CA. And, we are excited to share what we learned with you all! Here are some of the highlights from our experiences at this incredible event. 

This conference was organized for the purpose of bringing together thousands of business owners, self-employed individuals, and accounting professionals to gain and share knowledge, skills, and insights to better run a business. 

Topics discussed during the conference were business growth, technology training, life skills, and business skills, organizational culture, financial health, resources for accountants and bookkeepers, advisory, customer service, and customer experience.  

The Abby Connect team returned to Las Vegas charged with ideas and inspiration, while also a little worn out from attending many of the info-packed sessions, networking with the conference attendees, presenting better business solutions, and working our rather popular booth.

Presenters that attended this year’s conference included industry leaders such as Ashton Kutcher (Actor and Investor), Jennifer Hyman (CEO, Rent the Runway), Common (Award-Winning Artist & Activist), Michael McQueen (Trend Forecaster and Author), Jade Simmons (Rockstar Concert Pianist), Katie Linendoll (Journalist and Consumer Tech Expert), Saan Goodarzi (CEO, Intuit), Ariege Misherghi (Accountant Leader, Inuit QuickBooks), Julie Gordon White (the Well), and many more. 


A highlight at the conference that stood out came from Saan Goodarzi’s (CEO, Intuit) presentation. Goodarzi says “To own the future, you have to create it.” We are at a place and time in history where nothing that is being done has been done before. And, tomorrow opens doors to opportunities and new technologies that successful businesses will have to adapt to. In order to grow any business, the leaders of today’s industry must grow with them. Today is the day that innovations with advanced technologies, processes, and platforms should be utilized.

As Goodarzi quoted Jill Ellis (United States Women’s National Soccer Team Coach – 5 years), “Set a goal of a future you want to create”, we see the stage being set for a theme that sets this year’s conference apart from all the rest. “Own the future.”    

We all appreciated this year’s conference for its practicality and awesome resources. We are excited for the business owners, entrepreneurs, and accounting professionals that we support through our services who attended this conference. We enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and look forward to another amazing experience at QuickBooks Connect in 2020.  

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur looking to achieve more and work less when it comes to your company’s marketing and operations, attend the QuickBooks Connect conference. By joining you’ll receive an experience that will open doors to new possibilities for your business and add the tools to your belt that you need to drive growth and success. Register on their website and don’t miss out on 2020’s event!

*All images within this article are specifically sourced from QuickBooks Connect. 

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Melissa Monterrosa

Melissa Monterrosa

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