Post-Conference Takeaways And Thoughts From The 2019 EA Summit

Now that the dust has settled from the 2019 EA Summit, and everyone is back to business as usual, we’ve had some time to process some highlights from this amazing event.  

The conference was organized by the Association of Entrepreneurial Attorneys whose mission is to empower attorneys with the knowledge they need to manage their marketing efforts and grow their firms. And that’s exactly what the entire conference was about.  

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Topics discussed during the conference included lead generation, conversion using SMS texting, live streaming, building authority online, videos, tracking data, using referrals, intake process, phone answering, and fixing your phones.  

The Abby Connect team came back simultaneously energized and exhausted (if that’s possible), charged with ideas and inspiration, but beat from attending tons of info-packed sessions, networking, presenting, and working our very busy booth.  

Presenters at the conference included industry leaders such as Travis Hise (James Attorney Marketing), Denny Newberry (Captorra), Seth Price (BluShark Digital), Mitch Jackson (Streaming Lawyer), Jenny Quinn (Jenny Q), Mark Rinehart (Legal TV Leads), Mark Homer (GNGF), Shaun Buck (The Newsletter Pro), Matt Spiegel (Lawmatics), Wallace Brylak (Brylak Law), Tom Wallin (Wallin Law), Dave Tester (Jon Carson Consulting), and Sam Schwartz (Abby Connect Virtual Receptionists). 

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One of the many highlights during the conference was during Travis Hise’s opening speech where he quoted Bob Burg, “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other peoples’ interests first.” Whether it’s planning out marketing efforts or trying to grow your business, without placing customers first, attorneys would have no business. They’re in the people business, so their customers need to come first.  

We loved the EA Summit for how practical the advice and suggestions on legal marketing were. Every person that attended the summit was given an actionable marketing plan customized for their law firm, marketing initiatives for driving success, tools to streamline processes and increase productivity, build valuable relationships, real-life feedback on marketing initiatives, learn how to accelerate your firm’s growth, and gain access to valuable resources and tools. The tools and resources every attendee received will help to grow and build out their law firms.  

The summit also discussed the importance of first impressions and how phone answering services creates good customer service experiences. During Dave Tester’s session, he did on the spot coaching. He showcased how law firms excelled and failed with their in-house staff and phone answering services. It helped the entire audience realize how valuable that first impression is and how clients will choose your firm or move onto the next.  

If you’re a lawyer and attorney and you’re looking to achieve more and work less when it comes to your firm’s marketing, join the Association of Entrepreneurial Attorneys. By joining the Association, you’ll receive marketing tools, eBook collections, monthly tips, biweekly webinars, collaboration with fellow members, and access to their annual conference. Join the AEA today on their website.  

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