How to Build Your Team

You can’t be a leader by yourself. To be a leader, you must have some sort of influence on your followers. People either follow you because they have to or because they respect you.

As an entrepreneur, the team you build is critical to your organization. Having the right people by your side can make or break your company.

Instead of looking for employees, look for leaders, look for team players. How they work under pressure, how adaptable they are, how well of a communicator they are all has an impact on how powerful your organization can be. Besides the skills to do the job, what other characteristics should you look for?

What Does Building a Phenomenal Team Look Like?

team vision

Building a great team culture is important when you understand that success is not determined on solely talent. Take for example a sports team that has the best players and top talent.  They can all be great, but if they don’t know how to work with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, it makes it harder to reach the end goal. You may have many extraordinary people, and that is great!  

The first thing you should do overall is unify the team’s values and vision.

When you have a unified vision, everyone has a clear sense of direction. Everyone can march to the same beat to achieve the same overall goal. Establishing your company vision does not necessarily mean that you draw up a game plan and make everyone abide by it. A vision is much more than that.  

A vision is aligned with your values, the filter that helps you make decisions.

Your company values are the backbone to your company. Having values make the decision process easier. Anything and everything you do has to align with what your company sets to believe. For example, Chick-Fil-A is a company that is known for their faith foundation. Because faith is one of their values, they choose to close on Sundays. Yes, they can make more money by opening, but being money driven isn’t a part of their values, faith is.   

Once you hone in on your company values and put them into practice daily, it is much easier to build your vision with your team.

Written by

Marlene Cosain

Marlene Cosain

Marlene started with Abby Connect 7 years ago as a receptionist and was won over by the culture and care the company has for its employees. The minute she took her first phone call, she fell in love with helping people. Since then, Marlene has been a pivotal piece of growing Abby Connect – having been a long-time leader in hiring, training, developing, and managing the receptionist floor. Outside of work, Marlene and her husband also run an online retail business. Marlene’s personal mission as a certified Life Coach and as an Abby Way Co-Director is to inspire, empower and educate others in the Abby Way.

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