[QUIZ] Does Your Business Need a Virtual Receptionist?

Virtual Receptionist Quiz

Whenever a customer calls, they allow your business to build and strengthen its relationship with them to keep them coming back. Creating a great customer experience is about fulfilling a customer’s needs efficiently while making them feel valued.  

Hiring a virtual receptionist service for your business is not the same as a simple answering service. At face value, both handle customer calls. The difference is that at Abby Connect, our virtual receptionist service works as an extension of your business instead of as a call-forwarding center, they are specialist offering world-class customer service on behalf of your business. 

By handling your customer calls with a professional and personalized touch, your team can focus on the growth areas of your business without adding more in-house staff to the payroll.

The Benefits of Working with Abby Connect:

  • Never miss another phone call
  • Custom answering hours
  • Spanish-English bilingual receptionists
  • Voicemail solutions
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Immediate answers to FAQs for callers
  • Client intake processes customized to your business
  • Unlimited users
  • Save in-house staff 13+ hours a week answering phone calls
  • Improve your business’s customer service
  • Improve your customer conversion rate over the phone

You might be missing out on opportunities when your customers call after hours, and no one picks up. Callers might not convert as much as they could when your in-house staff can’t get to the phone or can’t give a customer the attention that they deserve. All of this affects a business’s customer relations and bottom line. 

After seeing the benefits of a virtual receptionist service, your next question is likely “does my business need a virtual receptionist?” Luckily, our team has put together a quick 10 question quiz that will answer this question for you. 


  1. How many phone calls do you miss in a week?
    1. None, I answer every call promptly.
    2. Maybe 1-5 calls / week
    3. 5+ calls / week
  2. How many voicemail messages do you have in your inbox?
    1. None, calls never make it to my inbox
    2. About 1-5 voicemail messages
    3. My inbox is full
  3. How quickly do you call back missed calls or voicemail messages?
    1. N/A, I never miss a call
    2. Usually within 2-3 business days
    3. I don’t have time to listen and reply
  4. What would you rate your customer service on a scale from 1-10?
    1. 9-10; our customer service is world-class
    2. 4-8; our customer service is good, but we do drop the ball sometimes
    3. 0-4; we don’t pay any attention to customer service
  5. Do you receive calls 24/7? If so, do you have someone to answer these calls around the clock?
    1. We never miss a call
    2. Yes; we do an ok job at answering calls 24/7
    3. Yes; we do a terrible job at answering calls 24/7
  6. How many hours a week do you spend on the phone with unnecessary business calls?
    1. Less than 2 hours / week
    2. 2-10 hours / week
    3. 10+ hours / week
  7. How many calls does your staff miss in a week?
    1. None, we answer every call promptly
    2. 1-5 calls / week
    3. 5+ calls / week
  8. How many hours a week does your staff spend on the phone with unnecessary business calls?
    1. Less than 3 hours / week
    2. 3-12 hours / week
    3. 12+ hours / week
  9. Is your staff trained to answer phone calls professionally?
    1. Yes; our staff is trained to provide an amazing customer experience
    2. Kind of; our staff is not trained but they do a good job
    3. No; our staff is not trained and provides a poor customer experience
  10.  Does your front-office staff seem constantly “under water”?
    1. No; they are always on-top of work and don’t miss due dates
    2. Kind of; they get busy but are not under constant pressure
    3. Yes; our staff is constantly running around

Answers and Analysis

If you selected…  

  • Option A eight times or more: You do NOT need a virtual receptionist service because you are already doing a great job!  
  • Option B four times or more: You should explore getting live virtual receptionist services for your business. You are doing what you can regarding customer service and experience, but there is room for improvement.  
  • Option C two times or more: You need to hire a virtual receptionist ASAP! Your business is missing out on many customer conversion opportunities, and your staff is struggling to keep up as it is! 

A lot of the time, businesses miss phone calls because their staff are stretched too thin. Those missed phone calls either don’t come back, or they pile up in the answering machine in the hope that a team member eventually gets back to them. Staff might not get those successful customer conversions if they don’t have the training to provide outstanding service.  

If you ended up with either option B or option C from our quiz, consider downloading our visual guide to virtual receptionists or contact us to speak with a team member. 

We aren’t interested in selling our services to just anyone since there is a chance your business is doing just fine without us. Our goal is to make a difference for our clients, which means working with those who benefit from our virtual receptionist services the most. 

We are flexible, so if you need us to take care of all of your calls as a comprehensive virtual receptionist service, then we have you covered. Suppose you already have in-house receptionists who need an extra hand. In that case, we can supplement their work and take care of the routine and repetitive calls. This way, we ensure that you have all of your bases covered and never miss an opportunity with a customer again. 

Written by

Hope Holland

Hope Holland

Hope joined Abby Connect in 2016 as a receptionist. She now leads the Sales Team in their efforts to help small businesses with their communication needs. Hope has always valued the customer experience and understands how crucial it is for businesses that want to succeed. With this mission, she strives to help businesses connect with their clients and improve the experience their business offers.