10 Ways To Be More Personable With Your Customers

Providing quality customer service experience is a vital component to any business that wants to be successful in its industry.

According to the 2015 Aspect Customer Service Experience Index, “76% of customers say they view customer service as at the true test of how much a company values them.” Learning to properly engage with customers on a personal level is one of the ways to enhance the experience they have, and it’s also a way to enhance your business and take it to the next level. Lack of personal connection is customer service is something big businesses get wrong, and it’s somewhere small businesses can shine.


Here are ten ways to provide personable and friendly customer service:

1. Treat Your Customers Like a Person and Not a Number

According to Entrepreneur, “Customers should never feel like a number in a long list. Instead, they should feel as if they’re involved in a one-on-one conversation.” Building customer loyalty will enhance customer retention and create a positive attitude between the business and the client. 

2. Be Friendly

Being friendly is part of what makes a customer feel good. A happy customer is much more likely to return for more business.

3. Learn personal facts about your customers

What does your customer do for a living? What are their children’s name? Learning, and remembering, key facts about potential customers can make them feel important and respected.

4. Remember important details about your customer

It’s all in the details. Does your customer prefer to communicate through email rather than talk on the phone? Do they prefer to be contacted a certain time of day? Remembering these things about them will go a long way while you are conducting business with them.

5. Make your customers feel like a top priority

Even if you’re in a situation where you may be overwhelmed and spread thin, it is still important to make it appear as if the customer is your main priority to ensure customer retention and customer satisfaction.

6. Go the extra mile for your customer

Can you remember a time that a business went above and beyond to ensure that you were a satisfied customer? How did that make you feel? Customer satisfaction and customer care is something that should always be applied on a daily basis.

7. Be honest with your customers at all times

Ideally, any business wants to deliver what they’ve promised without any complications or obstacles. Unfortunately that can not always be the case. However, keeping the lines of communication open and always being honest is key to providing excellent customer service and loyalty. 

8. Be flexible and willing to bend to meet your customer’s demands

As the saying goes, the customer is always right! Even though this isn’t always the case, strive to make them feel as if you are doing everything possible to meet their specific customer needs and demands.

9. Mold the way you do business to fit each customer’s individual personality

Do you have a customer with a great sense of humor? A customer who is conservative or shy? Make sure that whatever their personality is that you shape your communication style and the way you do business with them to reflect that.

10. Make sure all your employees are on the same page

If only some of your employees are putting the personal touch on the customer service experience, it will show. Make sure that everyone is on the same page and that all employees buy into this model of conducting business with positive language and active listening.

Why is Friendly Customer Service Important?

Being friendly is crucial in customer service as it sets the tone for positive interactions and fosters strong customer relationships. When customers encounter a friendly representative, it immediately puts them at ease and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Friendly customer service creates a sense of trust, making customers more inclined to engage in open and honest communication about their needs, concerns, or questions. 

Friendliness has the power to create memorable experiences for customers. Positive interactions with friendly representatives leave a lasting impression, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers are likelier to recommend a business or brand to others when they have experienced exceptional, friendly service.

Overall, Friendly customer service is a fundamental component of delivering exceptional customer service and nurturing long-term customer relationships.

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