The Abby Proven Process

At Abby, we care about your callers and customers’ experiences, but we also care about your experience! And all our processes are built to ensure a phone management experience that is high-quality, but also easy for you to manage.

Our goal is to take stress off your shoulders, not add it! 

Introducing the Abby Proven Process—our VIP client process designed just for your small business. This process is built to get your call handling kicked off right. In your first 30 days, your dedicated team gets to know your business, customizes your service, and sets up your account. Then, your dedicated CSM stays in touch long-term, providing proactive account recommendations to continuously improve your callers’ experience! 

The Abby Proven Process

With the Abby Proven Process, you get: 

  • A team dedicated to your business’ success 
  • Call handling that’s as unique as your business 
  • A VIP experience 
  • A single contact for all your Abby needs  
  • Proactive account recommendations ensure continuous improvement 

Here’s how the Abby Proven Process works: 

1. Dedicated Calibration Specialist

Every Abby client gets started with a single point of contact, an Abby and call-handling expert who will help you set up your account and customize your call handling. They’ll work with you through the entire calibration period, ensuring Abby is the right fit for you and everything is running smoothly!

Every Calibration Specialist was once a receptionist, so they are well-equipped to provide guidance, recommendations, and account customization—setting you up for long-term success.

2. Solutions Engineer

Need help setting up your systems? Need to use Zapier or a third-party tool to set up an integration?  

We don’t expect you to be a software expert, that’s why we have one on staff! Our in-house Solutions Engineer is happy to help. We’ll make sure your calls are routing correctly, we’re synced with your calendar, and caller information always gets where it needs to go! 

3. 30-Day Calibration Period

Every Abby client gets started with a 30-day calibration period. During this time, you’ll work with your dedicated Calibration Specialist and Solutions Engineer to set up your technology, calibrate your account, and customize your service. This period is dedicated to you getting to know your team, and your team getting to know your business so we can best represent your brand and talk to your customers.  

You’re not just testing the Abby service. When your calibration is done, your call handling is already ready to go! 

4. Dedicated CSM

Once your 30-day calibration period is up and your account is launched, your dedicated CSM will be your point of contact for customizations, feedback, and account updates. They’ll communicate directly with your dedicated team, and with you, to make sure we’re always providing the best service for your unique business needs. You’ll never have to call into a pool of random managers who don’t know your business.  

5. Abby Human Intelligence

Of course, your experience doesn’t stop once you’re kicked off! We’re dedicated to a call-handling service that gets better every day. That’s where Abby Human Intelligence comes in. We tap into the expertise of your team to provide proactive recommendations for improving your callers’ experiences, instead of waiting until something goes wrong!  

All you have to do is accept, accept with edits, or reject the suggestions in the AbbyGo app or the portal. The longer we answer your calls and the more we get to know your business, the better your suggestions and your service gets. 

Get Started with Abby Connect 

We’re not your average virtual receptionist service. Your team of human receptionists is empowered by A.I. technology and proven processes to ensure consistent, excellent, and ever-improving experiences. Your dedicated team of 5-10 receptionists will answer, transfer, take messages, schedule appointments, and represent your business—and your callers will love it! 

Get started today and turn your phone into a customer-delighting, revenue-generating machine. 

Written by

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

Anna is an accomplished marketing professional with an MBA and certification in marketing and eight years of experience in the field. More than half of that experience has been focused on customer experience and small business growth, exploring how businesses balance human and technology solutions. Above all, Anna is committed to human-first marketing and business development, ensuring that every initiative is focused on creating meaningful connections with customers and driving long-term growth.