How Call Answering Services Works
How Call Answering Services Works

6 Qualities Small Businesses Need In A Call Answering Service

Choosing a call answering service for a small business that will represent your company is a decision not to be taken lightly.

These receptionists will embody what you are, what you sell, and what you stand for as a business. In a world where top-notch customer care is expected, those who fail to provide it quickly fall behind the competition.

Call answering is an impactful job, and the person who deals with those reaching out to your company should possess certain qualities.
Here are 6 must-have qualities you need in a call answering service that represents you.

1. A positive attitude

A measured and pleasant tone of voice, thoroughness in answering questions, and general helpfulness are all signs of a positive attitude. Customers usually call a company because they have a problem or need assistance with the product.

Your live virtual receptionist should not focus on what they can’t do but on what they can do. A positive attitude tends to rub off. A customer who calls your company in a cranky mood may end the engagement in a much better mental space if they deal with a receptionist who goes out of their way to help.

2. Organization skills

Your virtual phone receptionist should know how to operate the phone system with ease, handling customer inquiries without seeming unprepared or overwhelmed. The confidence that comes with a full understanding of the operating software translates to a receptionist staying a step ahead of every call(er).

You should not allow a virtual receptionist to take live calls until they fully know their way around the phone system.

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3. Multitasking skills

This skill is especially important if you require your call answering services to be part of a rapidly expanding business. There may be instances in which they will have to answer phone calls and simultaneously tend to some other duty.

The virtual phone receptionist who performs world-class call answering for your small business must be able to do each thing properly. Errors can be costly in front-end service.

You need someone who works well under pressure.

4. Tech savvy

A live virtual receptionist works at a remote site. That means most of your interactions with them will be online and over the phone. In most instances, your receptionist will be responsible for responding to queries by phone and through your website and live chat support. They should be comfortable in this realm.

Your virtual phone receptionist should be capable of updating your account in real time and adapting to your business needs on the fly. For example, you may need to change how your receptionist answers a certain FAQ or change the point of contact for a sales inquiry. These capabilities extend beyond a call answering system and require a well-trained live receptionist.

5. High emotional intelligence

Emotionally intelligent people are effortlessly empathetic. This is a necessary trait in a live virtual receptionist. The person in this role must be able to handle their own emotions and manage the emotions of others. You never know who will call your company from one day to the next. Most people who call will probably be calm and reasonable enough for your receptionist to build up a rapport with them.

However, your virtual phone receptionist must also be capable of dealing with less rational people. They must know how to handle irritated and slightly aggressive people. They must also know how to handle conniving, verbally abusive, or mentally challenged people without losing their temper or saying something inappropriate. Although no one should be made to take an endless stream of abuse, your receptionist must maintain stoic professionalism.

6. Dependable

Your virtual phone receptionist must be trustworthy. When on duty, they must always be available to answer calls and promptly return calls. They must also keep your live chats and/or email accounts up to date. Your receptionist should alert you if a question or issue arises on one of these pages.

They must also be able to keep accurate records and ensure that any information they have collected is sent to the right people on your team. Ultimately, they must be dependable in a variety of situations.

How to Find the Right Call Answering Service

If you have recently started a business and are looking for a virtual receptionist firm, you may be overwhelmed by the many options available. Here are some pointers to help you on your way.
The first thing to keep in mind is that you are investing.

Although reducing overhead costs is one of the main reasons for hiring a virtual receptionist, you should not choose the service you work with based solely on cheapness. Focus on cost-effectiveness instead. You should review the customization options that each firm offers. Flexibility may be essential to your business at this stage. At the same time, you want to look out for the different ways a company may try to nickel-and-dime you to make up for a low rate. It is better to work with a firm that is transparent and up-front about its rates. If you intend to establish a long-term contract with them, you should try to negotiate a discount.

Second, you should prefer a virtual receptionist service that has been in the business for many years. The people who work for them should also have experience and formal training in all aspects of the job.

Finally, you should confirm that the receptionist team working for you can complete all the assigned tasks. Specifically, they should be able to redirect customer calls, update live chats, manage email, schedule appointments, take messages, greet customers, deal with demanding customers, and provide general information about your business.

Final Decision: Businesses Save Time & Energy With Call Answering

Regardless of the service provider you choose to enlist, we hope this article has helped you realize the direct positive impact a live call answering service can offer your business.

Hiring a live virtual receptionist saves your people time and energy. It relieves them of having to drop everything to answer the phone, so they can spend more time on what matters most: growing the business. We offer a specific small business answering service that is accompanied by a professional who can fulfill your exact needs.

Abby Connect is a virtual receptionist firm that serves companies of all sizes. You can sign up with us for a 14-day free trial to see if this service is right for you.

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