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Grow your small business with a dedicated team of customer service experts backed by A.I. technology who’ll manage your phone and web chat, impress your callers, and win you business! 

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Also, the price point is way less than having someone working in my office. It’s been fantastic with them. I get a lot more work done now.

Christopher P Owner, Luxury Automotive Services

Abby Connect is fantastic. I would refer them to everybody. It has allowed us to work more efficiently in the office.

Stephanie E Paralegal

Unlike other answering services, I never get questions, comments or complaints from clients about who’s answering the phones for us.

Annie A Co-Owner, A/V Installation Company

After my free trial, I wouldn’t go with anybody else. They always have a great attitude no matter what time of day and having them helps me stay organized.

Carlos E Roofing Company Owner

We tested half a dozen different services before we found Abby Connect. There’s a night and day difference between them and everyone else.

Travis S CEO, IT Consulting Agency

I’m a solo person in here and they’re very vital for my business when I’m not here doing other things for the business.

Josh C Owner, Legal Document Services

I love the service. It helped free up a lot of my time. Whenever any of my clients call, they get a friendly person or a friendly voice.

Clyde V Intellectual Property Law Firm Owner

They’re very accommodating and easy to work with. Abby makes it easy for customers to reach us and it presents a good face for our company when people call.

Ben C CEO, Web Development Agency

Customer service nowadays is pretty hard to find. That’s what impresses me the most about Abby Connect – how focused they are on customer service.

Steve B Manager, Real Estate Business

There’s been a huge reduction in stress for me and it has really helped me to focus on what’s important rather than what’s not important.

Chris C CEO, Property Management

They have been the best asset I have added to my business in years. The value is immeasurable. I recommend their services 100%.

James H Owner, CPA Firm

I had a different live answering company before and Abby is far better, it’s not even close.

Ross S Managing Attorney and Law Firm Owner

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Dedicated Phone Answering Service for Small Business Receptionist Team

Dedicated Receptionist Team

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Dedicated Phone Answering Service for Small Business Receptionist Team

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With Abby Connect you get a dedicated team of receptionists, working out of our Nevada offices, who get to know your business. Your team of customer service experts is aided by A.I. and cutting-edge technology to answer, transfer, take messages, and provide consistently excellent experiences to your callers. 

Utilizing Abby Human Intelligence and Abby Artificial Intelligence (A.A.I), we proactively optimize your account, ensure consistent message quality, and provide key analytics and call insights. 

You focus on the work at hand, we’ve got your admin covered. Your team of A.I.-assisted receptionists can schedule appointments on your behalf—integrating with Outlook and Google!  

You can also review on call answering service for small business and have better customer service.

We’ll provide the same great service to your English and Spanish-speaking callers—helping you build trust with your customers, capture their business, and grow. 

Your Abby service is tailored to your, your business, and your customers’ needs. Set custom answering hours (or 24/7!), greetings, client intake, FAQs, transfer tunes, and call handling instructions. Your receptionist team will sound so good, your callers will think they’re in your office. 

At Abby Connect we believe in creating excellent experiences, for you and for your callers! That’s why we have the Abby Proven Process. Every single Abby client gets a dedicated Calibration Specialist, access to a Solutions Engineer, and a 30-day calibration period. Your dedicated CSM utilizes Abby Intelligence to continuously improve your experience. 

The AbbyGO Mobile App allows you to make and manage your calls from anywhere! With the tap of a button, you can review your calls and receptionist messages in real-time, set your availability and call handling, make free outgoing calls from your business phone line, and send and receive texts. Managing your business remotely or on-the-go has never been easier.

Have the flexibility to schedule multiple one-time or recurring live call handling rules on your account.

Saving Business Owners Time & Money


Pairing A.I. technology and customer service experts, we provide your business with a definitive list of premium receptionist features. We’ll help you capture business, so you can focus on the work you do best.  

Our dedicated team will answer, transfer, take messages, schedule appointments, do intake, provide FAQs, and more, saving you time and money while capturing business and impressing your customers. 


Services Tailored to Your Business


Every small business—from HVAC service to local real estate—needs phone management tailored to their specific business needs. At Abby Connect we bring together cutting-edge A.I. technology and customer expertise to provide a truly custom experience for you and your callers. Every Abby client gets: 

  • A dedicated team who knows their business 
  • Customizable answer hours 
  • Custom greetings, FAQs, and client intake 
  • Ongoing optimization with Abby Human Intelligence 


The Abby Proven Process 


We’re not your average small business answering service. With the Abby Proven Process, we set your business up for long-term success. Every Abby client gets a dedicated Calibration Specialist, access to a Solutions Engineer to help them set up integrations, and a 30-day calibration period, during which we really get to know your business!  

Then, on an ongoing basis, you get a dedicated CSM, a consistent receptionist team, and access to Abby Intelligence for proactive account optimization. Our service, and your call answering, gets better every day.  


A Better Experience with Abby Intelligence 


Abby Intelligence brings together human (Abby Human Intelligence) and A.I. (Abby Artificial Intelligence) to proactively optimize your account, improve call handling, and provide a consistent high-quality experience. Your dedicated CSM and receptionist team will utilize cutting-edge technology and our customer service expertise to continuously improve call handling for you and your callers!  

“Best asset I have added to my business”

Abby Connect has been a true gift to me since last tax season. The professionalism and courtesy they extend is well reported by my clients. They have also given me so much more time to complete my work without being interrupted by phone calls. I truly think they have been the best asset I have added to my business in years. The value is immeasurable. I recommend their services 100%.

James H, Owner, CPA Firm
Murieta, CA


Simple Pricing Built for the Small Business

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Everything You Need to Know About Business Answering Services

Do live receptionists answer all of my calls?

With pleasure! During your chosen service hours, one of our wonderful virtual receptionists will answer each and every call in a sparkling, lively and inviting tone.

How many receptionists will I have?

No one likes to reach a call center. This is why we only have a small, dedicated team of receptionists answering your calls. You and your callers will become very familiar with the receptionists answering your calls, as they will with you. They soon will truly become an extension of yourself and your business. Each team consists of 5-7 receptionists. The number of teams you are assigned will depend on how long you need us to be available:

  • Standard Business Hours – 1 Team
  • Extended Hours – 2 Teams
  • 24/7 – 3 Teams
What happens to my calls when you aren’t answering?

If you should decide not to have 24/7 answering, then you can have your phone carrier set to unforward your calls after hours, or set up a custom voicemail system. This voicemail system is included in your services and your options with it are limitless. You can have a single general voicemail box, or many boxes or even a phone tree.

What will the receptionist say when they answer the phone?

Abby Connect virtual receptionists greet each of your callers with a greeting that is tailored to your wishes for your company. We keep it personal and welcoming. A common greeting may sound like: “Good Morning/Afternoon, thank you for calling ________. How may I assist you?” Another greeting may sound like, “It’s a great day at ____. How may I direct your call?” Regardless, the live call answering greeting is fully up to you and what suits your company best.

Do your receptionists speak Spanish?

Yes, fluently! Many of our receptionists are fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and are able to flawlessly handle your calls in either language. Every team features at least 2 bilingual receptionists who help build trust and confidence with your Spanish-speaking callers from their very first call.