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Revolutionizing your call handling and caller experience with cutting-edge technology.

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Bringing Together Skilled Receptionists and Powerful Technology

A.I. technology makes your human receptionists super-human. By eliminating routine human errors and increasing efficiency, we ensure you get a better bang for your buck and your callers get a consistent, high-quality experience.

Better Back-End Support

A.I. is leveraged to ensure your service is consistent, efficient, and high-quality—getting better every day.

Maintain Efficiency & Control

Take back your time with complete control of your service from the Abby portal or AbbyGo app.

More Data Than Ever Before

Everything you need to know about your calls and call volume is available as fast as an algorithm can run.

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A Human-First Service Backed by the Best Technology

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Better Quality

A.I. takes the busy work off the receptionists’ shoulders so they can focus on providing your callers with the best experience on the market!


Creating a consistent, customized phone experience has never been easier.


We don’t just manage your phones; we look for opportunities to make them better. A.I. and human intelligence work together to figure out how to best impress your callers.

Proactive Account Optimizations with Abby Human Intelligence

Abby Human Intelligence taps into expertise and insights from your dedicated receptionist team and CSM and uses them to optimize your account and improve your call-handling-so you can better capture opportunities, impress your callers, and improve efficiency.

You’ll get fast access to valuable feedback and suggestions through push notification and emails, all you have to do is select yes, no, or yes with edits!

Abby Intelligence

Fast, Accurate Call Transcripts

Need to get the details of your calls? With Abby AI Artificial Intelligence Call Transcripts you get an automatic play-by-play of the conversation for easy record and reference.

Instant Call Summaries with Abby AI Artificial Intelligence

Skip the wait with A.l.-enhanced call summaries. Get a fast error-free synopsis of every call complete with caller information, action items, and call conclusion.

You can focus on revenue generating activities instead of reviewing call transcripts and your receptionists can focus on delighting callers instead of taking notes.

Abby Intelligence

Everything You Need to Know About a Call, At a Glance

Understanding your callers has never been so easy. Every call is labeled as negative, neutral, or positive, giving you the insights you need to ensure you’re not missing or losing opportunities.

Sentiment scores empower you to swiftly identify and address calls with negative sentiment so you can enhance customer service, repair relationships, and reduce potential revenue loss.