Crafting a Winning Voicemail Script for Real Estate: Tips & Examples

The world has become increasingly technology-driven, with most businesses now using digital platforms, automation, business answering services, and other similar solutions to streamline their operations.

Although it’s one of the oldest industries in the world, it has not been spared from digitalization, as most customers these days are more tech-savvy and not only enjoy the greater conveniences that technology brings but now also expect it.

This includes communication, particularly how real estate professionals interact with clients. As buying or selling a home is a significant financial decision and an overall lengthy process, customers want to be constantly in the know about what is going on.

This makes it vital for real estate professionals to communicate well across all channels, be it via social media messaging apps, over the phone, live chat, via emails, and even at the start of the process and sending that first voicemail.

The Power of a Well-Crafted Voicemail Script

Indeed, connections and communication are key in the fast-paced world of real estate, and a well-crafted professional voicemail greeting script can be your secret weapon. 

Picture this: you’re reaching out to potential clients, but they can’t answer the phone. That’s where a compelling voicemail comes into play. It’s your chance to make a great first impression, build rapport, and encourage them to call back. 

According to InsideSales, a clever voicemail script can increase your cold callbacks by up to 22%.

In this article, we’ll discuss what exactly it takes to create an effective real estate voicemail script. From understanding your audience to addressing pain points and delivering a captivating call to action, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to leave a lasting impression. 

So, let’s get started!

Understanding Your Audience: Insights into Prospects’ Mindset

Before we delve into crafting the perfect professional voicemail script, it’s important to understand the mindset of your potential clients. They’re busy individuals, juggling multiple responsibilities and bombarded with countless messages. 

According to several studies, about 80% of cold calls end up in the recipient’s voicemail.

When they see that they missed a call, they are often left curious and wondering what it could have been. So when they listen to a voicemail, they hope for something valuable, concise, and relatable.

To engage your audience effectively, you must personalize your voicemail script and show empathy. Put yourself in their shoes, acknowledge their pain, and offer solutions. 

By demonstrating that you understand their needs and challenges, you’ll create a stronger connection from the very first voicemail.

Crafting an Engaging Greeting and Introduction

Ah, the greeting and introduction—the gateway to a successful voicemail. This is where you capture your listener’s attention and make a lasting impression. 

To ensure your greeting is engaging, consider the following tips:

1. Be upbeat and energetic. Infuse your tone with warmth and enthusiasm. Remember, a smile can be heard through the phone!

2. Grab their attention. Use a captivating opening line to immediately spark their interest. 

For example, “Hey there! It’s [Your Name], your friendly neighborhood real estate expert!”

3. State the purpose. Let them know why you’re calling. 

For instance, “I noticed you’ve been exploring properties in [neighborhood], and I have some exciting opportunities I’d love to share with you!”

Establishing Credibility and Value in Your Voicemail

After getting their attention, you can proceed with establishing your credibility and letting them know more about the value you can bring as their real estate agent. Clients want to work with someone they trust and believe in. 

Here’s how you can achieve that:

1. Highlight your experience. Briefly mention your years of experience in the industry and any noteworthy achievements. 

For example, “I’ve helped many clients buy their dream homes and, with my years of experience and expertise, can help guide you through the process so that you also find yours.”

2. Emphasize your unique selling propositions (USPs). What sets you apart from other agents? Is it your personalized approach, exceptional negotiation skills, or extensive network? Identify your USPs and weave them into your script. 

For instance, “As a tech-savvy agent, I leverage the latest digital tools and marketing strategies to ensure maximum exposure for your property.”

Addressing Pain Points: Solutions to Common Real Estate Challenges

Real estate comes with its fair share of challenges, and your potential clients are likely aware of them. Use your voicemail script to address these pain points and position yourself as their problem solver. 

1. Dealing with a competitive market.

“I understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate a competitive market like ours. Rest assured, I have a proven strategy to help you secure your dream home, even in a bidding war.”

2. First-time homebuyers’ concerns.  

“Buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming. I can help provide answers if you have any questions about it, and also help walk you through the entire buying process.”

3. Selling in a slow market.

“In a slow market, selling your property can feel daunting. But fear not! I have a comprehensive marketing plan that will attract the right buyers and get your property sold quickly and at the best possible price.”

Effective Call to Action: Encouraging Response and Engagement

After detailing your value, you can guide your potential clients to the next step. A compelling call to action is crucial for encouraging response and engagement. Here’s how you can craft an effective one:

1. Provide contact information. Clearly state your phone number, email address, and website so they can easily reach out to you.

 “Please feel free to give me a call at [your number] or shoot me an email at [your email address]. You can also visit my website at [your website URL] to learn more about how I can assist you.”

2. Offer a personalized incentive. Stand out from the crowd by offering a personalized incentive for them to respond. 

For example, “If you reach out to me within the next 48 hours, I’ll provide you with an exclusive list of off-market properties that match your criteria.”

Closing Remarks: Leaving a Lasting Impression

As you wrap up your voicemail, leave your potential clients with a positive impression. 

Here are a few suggestions for professional and friendly closing remarks:

1. Express enthusiasm. End on a high note by expressing your genuine excitement about the opportunity to work with them. “I’m excited to hear from you and discuss finding your dream home!”

2. Mention the intention to follow up. Let them know you’re committed to their needs and will follow up if you don’t hear back. 

“If I don’t hear from you within a few days, I’ll reach out again to ensure you received my message.”

Fine-tuning Your Voicemail Script for Maximum Impact

Crafting a winning voicemail script takes practice and refinement. 

Here are a few tips to help you fine-tune your script for maximum impact:

1. Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your script until it flows naturally. Record yourself and listen for areas where you can improve your tone, pacing, and clarity.

2. Seek feedback. Share your script with a colleague or mentor and ask for their input. They may offer valuable insights and suggestions to enhance your message.

3. Be adaptable. Tailor your script to different situations and clients. Personalization goes a long way in building connections and fostering trust.

Tips and Best Practices for Successful Voicemail Communication

Beyond the script itself, there are additional tips and best practices to optimize your voicemail communication:

1. Keep it concise. Aim for a voicemail around 30-60 seconds long. Respect your potential client’s time and deliver your message efficiently.

2. Be persistent, but not pushy. If you don’t receive a response, follow up after a few days. Leave another voicemail, but maintain a respectful and non-intrusive approach.

3. Use a friendly tone. Your voice should convey warmth, friendliness, and professionalism. Smile as you speak to inject positivity into your message.

Take Action and Elevate Your Voicemail Strategy

Crafting a winning voicemail script is an art that can set you apart from other real estate agents. 

By understanding your audience, addressing their pain points, and delivering a compelling call to action, you’ll maximize your chances of receiving callbacks and generating leads. 

Remember, practice makes perfect, so refine your script, adapt it to different situations, and let your authentic voice shine through.

Maximize Your Voicemail Script’s Potential with Abby Connect

Having an effective voicemail strategy in place will help you leave a lasting impression on potential clients and be the catalyst for successful real estate transactions, and integrating it with Abby Connect’s real estate answering services can take it to the next level.

Through our voicemail solutions, custom call handling, and 24/7 answering services, we can help make sure your messages not only stand out but that all the calls you received back are duly answered. So go ahead, take action, and elevate your voicemail game today!

With the help of these tips and examples, you can create a comprehensive real estate voicemail script that resonates with potential clients and will help you stand out in the crowded real estate market. So, let’s pick up that phone, leave a captivating voicemail, and watch your leads and connections grow.


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