The Abby Way is Our Core

Our mission is to serve as a premium solution for clients’ frontline team, consistently providing unparalleled customer-centric experiences.


We take pride in our work and hold ourselves to optimal standards for delivering exemplary customer experiences.


We are a selfless and humble team. We depend on each other, foster creativity, leverage our strengths and have fun while doing it.


We accept responsibility and ownership for ourselves and our work by being transparent and reliable.


Through innovation and creativity, we collaborate to solve challenges and advance our business.


Our love for what we do is personified through positive energy and authentic expression.


We are all accountable and we contribute to our overall success. Regardless of the title held, your contribution is an asset to the whole.

Group photo of Abby Connect virtual receptionists on 80s day

How We Got Started

Abby Connect is a family-owned business and while it has changed a lot over 15 years, family is still at it’s core. Our founding family believes that exceptional customer service will ensure clients capture more opportunities and convert more prospects to clients. They also maintain that having tight-knit company culture which emphasizes team building and personal development, will extend into creating a better service for clients.

Group photo of Abby Connect virtual receptionists on St. Patricks Day

The Abby Way

We value our culture and encourage communication, growth, and teamwork by using our core values as a guide. We’re professional, reliable, and relatable. Our team knows that connecting and empathizing on a personal level is the foundation for establishing trust and confidence within callers. With this in mind, we invest our time in making sure we embrace the human connection within this world of technology. We are committed to providing incredible experiences to both our team and our clients by using the power of the human connection.

Culture and employee satisfaction are of the utmost importance…

Culture and employee satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us here at Abby Connect. We spend the resources to keep our receptionists happy. In turn, they genuinely deliver a pleasant and sincere experience to your clients.

Nathan Strum, CEO

nathan strum ceo abby connect receptionists

Nathan Strum

CEO | 16 Years

Gail Strum Abby Connect Founder

Gail Strum

Culture Director | 16 Years

racquel pankau abby way abbyconnect receptionists

Racquel Pankau

Abby Way Co-Director | 11 Years

marianne mlechick abby connect

Marianne Mlechick

VP of Operations | 9 Years

marlene cosain abby connect receptionists

Marlene Cosain

Abby Way Co-Director | 7 Years

hope holland abby connect sales manager

Hope Holland

Sales Manager | 5 Years

melissa monterrosa customer-success abby connect receptionists

Melissa Monterrosa

Manager of Customer Success | 5 Years

Karla Alcazar

Receptionist Experience Manager | 3 Years

holli holland abby connect receptionist experience manager

Holli Holland

Receptionist Experience Manager | 3 Years

Join Us in Building the Best Receptionist Team in the World

Careers at Abby Connect

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Two coworkers having a conversation
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