Abby Connect Mobile App for Virtual Receptionist

Manage Your Calls from Anywhere

Abby Connect’s mobile app, AbbyGO, helps you manage your business calls and update your receptionist team on-the-go.

iOS    Android

AbbyGo Mobile App Features

Call from Your Business  Phone

Make free outgoing calls from your business phone number through the Abby app on your mobile device

Text from Your Business Phone

Send and receive free SMS messages from your business phone number to your customers (limited to 1 user per number)

Set Your Call Availability

Schedule updates to your receptionist team in advance for your upcoming availability and call handling instructions.

Update Your Call Status

Change your current call status on-the-go from the home screen to hold all calls, or activate custom settings.

Check Your Minute Usage

Check current usage and Abby Connect receptionist minutes left in your monthly billing period.

Update Payment Method

Credit card expired? No problem. Update your billing information easily right from the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see the messages from my receptionists?

Messages from your receptionists will show in the messages tab of the Abby Connect app appearing to come from an extension (ex: 601). You can reply to the message from your receptionist just as you could before.

How do I log in?

Users should log in with their portal ID and password. If you’ve lost your portal/app password, use Password Reset on the portal. Your Username is your email address you use for your Abby Connect account.

Can multiple users send texts from my business number?

Only 1 user can send text messages from the business number through the AbbyGo app, just as only that 1 user will receive the responses.  To make it so that other app users in your organization can text, you can add more numbers to your account. To do this, speak with your Account Manager.

How do I control the notification settings?

Users elect to receive Notifications from the app (for messages, calls etc) when they first log in and initially agree to the terms and permissions. To change Push Notification settings, user must go into their phone’s notifications settings, and then find the AbbyGo App, and click into the settings to adjust. (Help: iOS – Android)

How do I see my call logs?

On the app’s main screen, click on Call Logs. Put in a Start Date and End Date, and click “Show Logs.”

Can I send photo or video attachments with text messages?

Only SMS text messages are able to be sent via the app at this time. Photos or videos are MMS messages.

Virtual Receptionist Online Portal

Manage Your Full Account from Your Online Portal

Your Abby Connect online portal can be accessed from any computer or mobile device to change additional settings and find more details from your account including receptionist call logs, call recordings, message logs, contacts, invoices, and more.