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Abby Connect’s new app and portal gives you more time, focus, and control over your business than you ever imagined. Click here to try out awardwinning service and technology for free! 

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New AbbyGo Mobile App Features

Call and Text from your Business Phone Number

Make free outgoing calls and send and receive SMS messages from your business phone number with the AbbyGo app using your mobile device.

Simplified Status Updates

Want calls transferred to you? Great! In important meetings or on vacation? No worries! Set your status to “Taking Calls,” or “Not Taking Calls,” for as long as needed. It’s that simple! Abby’s status feature is the On/Off button for your calls.

New and Improved Dashboard

Quickly view important account information, recent activities like missed calls or voicemails, and account trends. See who’s on your team, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or even refer a friend, all from your dashboard in the AbbyGo app and web portal.

Global Search Functionality

We’re all accustomed to global search as a part of our lives (thanks Google) it’s about time a receptionist service app and portal had global search. Find calls, callers, and anything you’re looking for with Abby Connect’s industry-leading functionality in both your AbbyGo app and web portal.

Activity Rating and Real-Time Feedback

Did your receptionist really impress a caller? Did a call not go as expected? Select a rating and submit feedback directly to your Customer Success Manager.

Activities Screen

Your activities screen delivers all your business communications together in a simplified format. All calls, chats, messages, and SMS are in one place, ready to be effortlessly filtered by Type, Read, or Unread communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

Log into the Abby Connect portal or app easily using your portal ID and password. If you’ve lost your portal/app password, use Password Reset on the portal. Your Username is the email address you use for your Abby Connect account.

How do I see messages from my receptionists?

You may view recent messages from your receptionist team in your Dashboard or view and filter all messages in your Activities Screen.

Who can I reach out to for help/what if I run into any issues?

Your Customer Success Manager or anyone on our Customer Success team can help if you run into any issues. If you’re already in the app it’s easier than ever to send your Customer Success Manager a message.  Simply click Send Feedback from the side navigation of the mobile-friendly web portal or from the Account section of the mobile app.

How do I control the notification settings?

Does your receptionist service automatically alert you when you’re about to go over the minutes in your monthly plan? We’ve got a solution for that. Simply select the drop-down for the Subscription tab on the left-side navigation in the mobile-friendly web portal. Then select, Account Usage Notification. From there you can easily add an email to receive notifications when you’ve used 75% or 100% of the minutes included in your monthly plan.

Users elect to receive Notifications from the app (for messages, calls etc) when they first log in and initially agree to the terms and permissions. To change Push Notification settings, users must go into their phone’s notifications settings, and then find the AbbyGo App, and change the settings to adjust. (Help: iOS Android)

How do I see my call logs?

Everything in one place – all calls, chats, messages, and SMS together in Abby Connect’s new Activities Screen. Effortlessly filter by Type, Read, and Unread activities. All your business communications together is your business simplified. 

Can I send photo or video attachments with text messages?

Only SMS text messages are able to be sent via the app at this time. Photos or videos are MMS messages.

How do I find a specific call/client?

It’s never been easier to find information in the AbbyGo app and web portal. Simply type what you’re looking for into the search bar and there it is – like magic!

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More Features and Account Accessibility with Your Mobile-Friendly Online Portal

Our improved Abby Connect online portal can be accessed from any computer or mobile device to change additional settings and find more details from your account including receptionist call logs, message logs, contacts, invoices, and more. You can also do things like update your FAQs for your reception team and reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager from any page with immediate questions and concerns.

Haven’t started your Abby Connect service yet? Don’t wait! Click here to try out awardwinning service and technology for free!