9 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Accounting Firm

Accounting services are a hot commodity. Businesses of all sizes require accounting professionals’ assistance throughout the year to manage their accounts and assist them in filing taxes. Given the competition in the market, accountants may find it challenging to generate leads online and offline. Here are some ways to generate leads for your accounting firm:
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employee appreciation day

Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day lands on the first Friday in March each year, this year falling on Friday, March 5th. Why do we celebrate it, you ask? Well, why not? The truth is we can always celebrate our employees any day of the year. But like many jobs that we work, much of what we…


The Power of Just Being There

In Michael Sorensen’s book, I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships, you discover very early on in his research that the majority of people need someone to listen to their problems and validate them. It’s through validating we flex an awesome power that we all possess. The power of just being there.…

Being Heart Centered in Business and Life

Being Heart-Centered in Business and Life

In today’s world of business, we often find ourselves lost in to-do lists, barely keeping our heads above water to grab a gasp of air from time to time. Either methodically going through the motions of the workday or plowing through the daily chaos, we become more and more detached from our work’s true meaning.…

Best Remote Business Phone Systems

Best Business Phone Systems for 2021

When choosing the best business phone systems in 2021 for your business there’s a whole lot to consider. Probably a lot more than you thought you were going to have to think about when you first sat down as a business owner to figure out all this communication and customer service stuff. For example, ……

Develop strong customer relationships

5 Ways Your Answering Service Can Practice Emotional Intelligence When Interacting with Customers

Customers tend to call support when they’re experiencing a problem — they think they were billed incorrectly, they can’t assemble a product right, they have a question about your services — and to top it off, they often spend time sitting on hold or being transferred to different departments. The result? Frustrated customers at the end…

What Do You Get with Great CX - Cover Image

What Do You Get with Great CX?

It might not be in the foreground in the grand picture you’ve painted for your business’ success plan but it should be. Customer excellence, also more commonly referred to as CX, is the essential element separating you from your competition in today’s world of business. In this article, I’d like to discuss with you where…

2020 Legal Trends Report Summary Main Image

Legal Trends Report 2020 Summary

Since 2016, Clio’s Legal Trends Report (direct download link) has brought greater insights into the business of legal practice. Its aim is to cover new approaches to understanding some of the most pressing issues that lawyers and clients face today and how to overcome those challenges. In this year’s report, we find out what really…

New Technologies For A Growing Business

Growing a business isn’t an easy task, and it’s one at which many people don’t succeed. Between all the day-to-day intricacies of running a business to making sure you are cognizant of the bigger picture, business owners are constantly looking for new and better ways to innovate.

3 Common Inventory Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business Money

Starting a small business comes with no shortage of challenges. From finding a market to finding the right team, there’s a lot you need to get right if you want your small business to succeed. However, there’s one management challenge that many small businesses overlook: inventory. When companies don’t make inventory management a priority, they…

Memoirs of an Essential Employee: Self-Care is Essential too

Earlier this year, our lives were “flipped-turned upside down”, as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would say. Cities and states nationwide were put on lock-down ordering non-essential businesses to close their doors and forcing other businesses to come up with creative solutions to stay open. 

Coping with Remote Work: A Guide for Extroverts

While working from home may seem like the ideal professional setting for some, for others it can mean complete disaster. Trust this extrovert on the matter. Being home alone can drive you completely bonkers. Although having another one-sided conversation with my dog is appealing to me, it’s not an hourly habit I want to get…

How to Handle an Angry Employee 

Welcome to leadership! Also known as “The Ultimate Eggshell Walking, Plate Spinning Championship Contest”. The rules of the contest are simple: Don’t crack any shells and don’t drop any plates. A cracked shell may result in a time penalty where you must repair the shell while still spinning all of your plates. A dropped plate or irreparable shell may result in elimination…

4 Tips to Create the Best First Impression Over The Phone

We all understand the power of a first impression. Whether someone is forming their opinion based off of an office they walk into or a call over the phone, you only have so much time to make sure your first impression is unforgettable. The goal is to leave people better than you found them. Someone…

Prepared to Work Remotely?

With the global health crisis of COVID-19 it’s up to all of us to find ways to not only endure this chaos but to uphold our way of life and support our fellow human beings. So, you’re probably wondering, how can I support anyone, even myself, with all this social distancing? Several areas of this country are…

4 Reasons Why a Live Answering Service Helps You During a Health Crisis

With the rapid spread of this newest strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the world facing a health pandemic, there has been a lot of precautions and restrictions put into place for attending public events and places in these past months. Many areas where COVID-19 has been reported have required local businesses to close their front doors and subject residents in the area to stay confined to…

April Fools’ Day: A Brief History

Although April Fools’ Day, also referred to as All Fools’ Day, has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures its exact origins remain a mystery to this very day.

How to Train New Hires for Long Term Success

How do you train newly hired employees for long term success with your company? That was what I needed to answer when I began my journey as the Training and Development specialist with Abby Connect. I have done extensive research, seminars, courses, brainstorming sessions, plus the trusty trial and error method in search of answers…

How to Be Better at Multitasking

Back in 2013, British psychologists claimed that women are better than men at multitasking in an article published in the BMC Psychology journal. The Harvard Business Review wrote in response that these assumptions are not backed by evidence and that most studies still show that gender does not play a role in our ability to multitask.  

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like fingerprints your voice is your signature graphic

Professional Tone and Smiling: Smile and the World Smiles with You

Everyone has their very own unique voice. Just like fingerprints, your voice is your signature identifier. However, what we all have in common with our unique voices is our tone. And, what exactly is tone, you ask? Well, tone is something we all have, and we can all express tones that are recognizable in just…

Your feelings plus my feelings equals our feelings graphic

Connecting Through Empathy: The Ultimate Guide

Empathy is a deep, heartfelt emotion that exists within all of us. Some people have a harder time either recognizing that it’s appropriate to have or recognizing when it needs to be conveyed and how to do that. Because without the words, the other person may not know that you understand their feelings. Read on for a detailed guide on building the empathy skills necessary to help connect with people.

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Forwarding your calls to Abby Connect

Forwarding Your Calls to Abby Connect

Forwarding is a necessary step to begin using our service so that your Abby Connect team can receive your calls when you want us to.

Forwarding is something you must do through your business phone carrier — but we are still here to help! Below you’ll find instructions for some of the most popular carriers.


Mobile App Status Page Enhancements

We have enhanced and streamlined the experience for creating alerts for your receptionists in the AbbyGo mobile app. Some highlights you will find from this upgrade: Easy “Hold All Calls” shortcut added More information about your current status and when it expires New, customized transfer options (i.e. all calls, some calls, etc) Upgraded experience for Custom…

Product & Pricing Updates for Abby Connect

When we founded Abby Connect in 2005, we set out to create a phone answering service that helped business owners with their basic call answering needs. Today, we have become a highly-revered industry leader in customer service and elite reception all in thanks to our amazing staff and customer feedback. You’ve been talking, we’ve been…

Mobile App Updates

iOS Version 1.2 — Updated 12/2/2018 We updated messaging on our Apple iOS mobile app so it’s easier to send and manage messages in the app. Here are a couple of the enhancements you’ll find in our latest update: – Some tweaks to the messages tab including marking all messages as “read,” deleting messages, and…