Seamlessly Hand Off Calls with 4 Expert Phone Transfer Tips

There is more to transferring a phone call than simply pressing a button. For many businesses, a single phone number acts as a unified entry point for many different lines of inquiry. In these cases, anyone picking up the phone must be prepared to field a wide variety of queries professionally and to ensure each caller is transferred to the correct destination swiftly. 

At Abby Connect, our virtual receptionists are experts when it comes to representing your business and identifying your callers’ needs. We’ve broken down how to transfer a phone call into four easy steps that can be adapted to fit any small or mid-size business.  

1. Gather Information 

After greeting the caller and introducing yourself, ask the caller’s name and reason for calling. Taking down basic contact information, such as a phone number or email address, may also help to ensure swift follow-up for complex inquiries.  

At Abby Connect, our receptionist scripts are customized to suit the needs of your business. Any other information that helps your business run smoothly can easily be obtained and documented accordingly by our professional receptionists.  

2. Communicate Caller’s Needs 

Ask the caller if you may place them on a brief hold, then speak directly to the business’s designated resource for this type of inquiry. 

When connecting a caller directly to an employee, rather than a voicemail box, you have the opportunity to brief the employee on their caller’s needs. By relaying the caller’s information and reason for calling, you set up a warm hand-off in which the caller’s needs can be immediately addressed without having to repeat themselves. However, be sure to keep your explanation high-level to ensure both parties’ time is used effectively.  

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3. Preface the Transfer 

Once you’ve briefed the employee who will assist them, connect with the caller once again. To ensure a smooth transition, inform the caller who will be providing further assistance. Noting the employee’s credentials, such as their department or area of expertise, can reassure the caller that they are in good hands and that their specific needs are being addressed.  

4. Sign Off Gracefully 

It is important not to neglect normal phone etiquette as you prepare to initiate the call transfer. To avoid a curt or abrupt transfer experience, wish the caller well to bring your time together to a close.  

When in Doubt, Seek Help 

It’s important to know how to transfer a phone call, but it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t always be doing the transferring! You have a job, or several, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense to answer your own phone.

Though a skilled receptionist will make transferring a phone call seem simple, each caller represents a potential curveball for a small or mid-size business. A seamless customer service experience necessitates being both efficient and thorough, which can make for a difficult balancing act even before taking into account other day-to-day duties.  

At Abby Connect, our dedicated receptionist teams provide your callers with an exceptional customer service experience, while setting you and your business up for success. Our virtual receptionist service seamlessly integrates into your existing processes with customizable scripts and easy-to-access call summaries. 

A smooth, orderly call transferring process sets your business up for success, no matter your callers’ ultimate destination. Learn more about how Abby Connect can help your business grow when you get started today.

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Melissa Monterrosa

Melissa Monterrosa

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