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Running a business is expensive.  

You’re already thinking about production costs. Revenue. Employee overhead. Marketing spend. The list goes on. What you might not be thinking about is the cost of your missed calls. We tend to think about costs as money spent—but when it comes to your missed calls, the costs are both bottom line, real dollar, and opportunity cost.  

Your Missed Calls are Costing You Money 

Your missed calls are costing you money when you missed a call you paid for (i.e. when you spend money on Google ads, but don’t answer when a potential customer calls). 

Your missed calls are costing you money when your customers can’t get a hold of you (i.e. when an angry customer can’t reach you and goes to a competitor).  

Your missed calls are costing you revenue when referral and word of mouth opportunities are trying to reach you (i.e. when a potential customer/partner/opportunity comes knocking and they won’t call back).  

Your answered calls cost you time and productivity when spammers, scammers, and solicitors call.  

In our Cost of Missed Calls eBook we break it down for you. This includes: 

  • Who is calling 
  • The cost of missed calls 
  • The profits associated with the calls you answer 
  • The math and key statistics 
  • How to get the most out of your phone lines! 

Wondering where your opportunities are going? Why your revenue is taking a hit or you aren’t getting the incoming customers you expect? It may be your phone that’s the problem. 

Let us help! 

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Written by

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

Anna is an accomplished marketing professional with an MBA and certification in marketing and eight years of experience in the field. More than half of that experience has been focused on customer experience and small business growth, exploring how businesses balance human and technology solutions. Above all, Anna is committed to human-first marketing and business development, ensuring that every initiative is focused on creating meaningful connections with customers and driving long-term growth.