Hubspot Integrations

HubSpot’s CRM helps manage your customer contacts and grow your business. An integration with Abby Connect and Hubspot allows your inbound calls to become new contacts in your Hubspot CRM. Capture more leads, close more sales, and respond more efficiently to your customer’s concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions and Integration Setup

What can the Abby receptionist send to my Hubspot account?

Abby Connect’s HubSpot integration allows for your Abby receptionist to send contact informatoin into your Hubspot CRM. New contacts can be created, and existing contacts can be updated. Our out-of-the box integration will work with a contact’s namephone numberemail address, and a general note field where any other messages can be written.

How do I connect my Hubspot CRM to my Abby Connect account?

The authorization process is quick and easy, and can be completed during the initial account setup phase. When you’re ready, your Account Manager will provide you with a link to the Authorization Page, where clicking on the button that says “Authorize and Integrate” will bring you to a HubSpot page where you grant access for Integration Permissions.


What if I am already an existing Abby Connect customer?

For all existing accounts that now wish to use our HubSpot Integration, they can simply request the link from their account manager and follow the same instructions as new users. Your account manager will also review with you any necessary changes to your forms or call handling to work within the integration.

Can I further customize the integration?

An example of a more customized HubSpot integration would be if you have created your own custom field inside HubSpot and require us to capture that information as well, along with any other fields outside of our standard integration.  You can discuss customization with your Account Manager.

Abby Connect will be adding more integrations with your current toolsets to boost productivity and enhance your experience. If there is a specific integration you would like to see Abby Connect explore, let us know.

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