Introducing Abby Artificial Intelligence Transcripts & Summaries

Every Abby customer talks to a real, live, trained receptionist. Our service is fundamentally human. But that doesn’t mean we don’t use smart technology to make your and your caller’s experiences even better. Abby Intelligence is our smart technology feature set, comprised of Abby Human Intelligence (A.H.I) and Abby Artificial Intelligence (A.A.I.) working together. 

Call Transcripts and Call Summaries are two of our AI features that are built right into your AbbyGo app and Abby Portal. 

AI Call Transcripts 

Skip listening to call recordings. Call Transcripts gives you an automatic play-by-play of every conversation for easy recording and reference. After each call, you can access your call transcripts directly in the AbbyGo App and Abby Portal.  

Your Call Transcripts: 

  • Provide you with the information you need 
  • Are easy to reference and search 
  • Increase your efficiency 
  • Reduce human error 
  • Protect your and your caller’s data 

AI Call Transcripts frees your receptionists up to focus on making connections in the moment, not transcribing notes. Your callers get the attention they deserve, and you get faster, more accurate records of each call.  

AI Call Summaries 

Have even less time on your hands? Cut to the chase with Call Summaries! AI Call Summaries give you an at-a-glance view of each call’s events. These are great if you don’t need all the details and don’t want to read an entire transcript. These fast, error-free synopses of your calls provide you with the details you need – caller information, action items, and conclusions – without the extra hassle.  

Your Call Summaries: 

  • Provide a high-level overview of the call 
  • Are available quickly 
  • Prioritize key and important information 
  • Protect your, and your caller’s data 

You’ll get a notification in your AbbyGo App or by email when a call comes through and it’s been summarized. You can use these summaries to help you prioritize what’s most important. You can focus on revenue-generating activities instead of listening to calls, and your receptionists can focus on delighting callers instead of taking notes. 

The Abby Experience 

Your dedicated team of Abby receptionists will answer, transfer, take messages, answer FAQs, intake callers, schedule appointments, and more – and they’ll do it all sounding just like a receptionist sitting in your front office. At Abby, we’re dedicated to next-level quality, so we sound like we’re sitting at your front desk.  

The Abby Intelligence feature set, including Call Transcripts, Call Summaries, and Sentiment Scores, is designed to help small businesses increase their efficiency and effectiveness and to help our receptionists focus on the caller experience.  

Your callers are happy, and your business is informed and able to respond quickly! 

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Written by

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

Anna is an accomplished marketing professional with an MBA and certification in marketing and eight years of experience in the field. More than half of that experience has been focused on customer experience and small business growth, exploring how businesses balance human and technology solutions. Above all, Anna is committed to human-first marketing and business development, ensuring that every initiative is focused on creating meaningful connections with customers and driving long-term growth.