Introducing Abby Human Intelligence

Abby Human Intelligence

What Is Abby Human Intelligence?

Abby Connect is a human-first business. We’re dedicated to combining top-notch human customer service with cutting-edge technology to provide your business and your business’ callers with the best possible experiences.  

We’ve set out to provide a service that’s customizable, proactive, efficient, and high quality. That’s why we built Abby Human Intelligence (AHI). 

Abby Human Intelligence taps into expertise and insights from your dedicated receptionists and CSM to optimize your account and improve your call handling.  

Think about it this way: who knows the state of your call handling better than those answering your phone? We see ourselves as an extension of your team, so we set out to provide proactive recommendations like an in-house team member would. 

How Abby Human Intelligence Works 

Every Abby client has a dedicated team of real receptionists who really know your business. We’re answering, transferring, taking messages, performing intake, and answering FAQs based on your unique business needs. 

But you aren’t answering the phone, so missing some details is easy. Like if callers are always asking the same questions, information is dated, routing needs updating, or other customizations need to take place. If we were a reactive service, we’d just wait for you to request updates. Luckily, we’re not reactive. We’re proactive, and we take action to ensure your callers get the best experiences.  

When we see an opportunity to optimize your account or call handling, we provide that feedback and our recommendations through push notifications and email. All you have to do is select yes, no, or yes with edits! 

Here are a few examples of AHI recommendations in action: 

  • “Many callers are asking about a specific service that isn’t included in your instructions. Would you like us to add this service to your intake or let callers know you don’t offer it?” 
  • “We noticed that asking how a caller heard about the business isn’t included in the intake. Would you like us to add it?” 
  • “Currently, you have calls routing to Bob all day, but it looks like he doesn’t get in the office until 9am. Would you like us to route calls elsewhere or take messages instead?” 
  • “Callers have been asking about add-on pricing. Would you like us to answer or direct those questions to the website?” 
  • “We see that you prefer email communications with existing clients. Would you prefer we direct your customers to email instead of your phone line moving forward?” 

The Abby Experience 

We pride ourselves on being more than your typical virtual receptionist service. AHI is just one of the ways we’re continuously improving your and your caller’s experiences.  

Our Abby Intelligence feature set is designed with your small business in mind, and it’s more than just AHI. Our additional AI features include sentiment scores, AI Call Transcripts, and Call Summaries! 

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Written by

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

Anna is an accomplished marketing professional with an MBA and certification in marketing and eight years of experience in the field. More than half of that experience has been focused on customer experience and small business growth, exploring how businesses balance human and technology solutions. Above all, Anna is committed to human-first marketing and business development, ensuring that every initiative is focused on creating meaningful connections with customers and driving long-term growth.