4 Reasons Why a Live Answering Service Helps You During a Health Crisis

With the rapid spread of this newest strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the world facing a health pandemic, there has been a lot of precautions and restrictions put into place for attending public events and places in these past months. Many areas where COVID-19 has been reported have required local businesses to close their front doors and subject residents in the area to stay confined to their homes. Areas surrounding these quarantined locations have decided to safeguard themselves, their employees and families by asking students to learn online and staff to work remotely from home in order to prevent the possibility of contracting COVID-19.

Although working remotely from home is an excellent way to help the prevention of spreading illness in public places, it’s not always the easiest plan to execute. For anyone out there in need of or trying to create a contingency plan for their working conditions during this COVID-19 outbreak, I’m sure you’ve had a lot to think about. Don’t forget to think about what to do with your incoming business phone calls.  It’s time to consider hiring a live answering service for your business.

Here are four good reasons why using a team of virtual receptionists during a worldwide health crisis is one of the smartest moves you can make for your company’s contingency plan.

There’s Always a Way to Get Connected

When the office space is closed down it’s as if, all of a sudden, so has the business. Without someone answering your main business line during your normal business hours, those inbound calls go unanswered, end up sent over to voicemail, or (even worse) the callers just stop calling in. After all, no one wants to continue calling in if their calls aren’t getting through to anyone.

Using a live answering service to answer your calls while the office space is closed prevents any lost opportunities to make a connection with those callers that are or could become your customers. By outsourcing your answering service while your employees work remotely from home your company won’t ever appear closed to the world around it. And, nothing makes a business look more capable or confident than one that never has to “close its doors”. Even during an international health crisis.

Outbound Calls With Your Business Phone Number

Another great feature you get with outsourcing your answering services is that some companies give you the ability to make outbound calls from your mobile device and it looks like they’re actually coming from your office location. You can make all the calls you need from home without ever letting anyone on the other end of the line know that’s where you’re working from, or giving them your personal cell phone number. Just another awesome advantage to show everyone out there that you’re still open for business, while protecting your privacy.

You Can’t Catch a Virus Over the Phone

No matter where you are, no matter what condition your health is in, you can’t catch someone else’s illness by talking to them over the phone. Sharing your phone with others is another issue but making and receiving calls from personal devices can’t get you sick.

By hiring a virtual receptionist service, you can continue to converse and stay connected with your customers during dangerous times like this.

It’s Just Business as Usual

Nothing hurts a business more than having to put production on pause. Slowing productions or putting them on a complete hold is a major hindrance to just about any company. Especially younger and smaller businesses. Your company simply can’t afford to take sick leave.

Thankfully, with the use of a virtual receptionist service, your company won’t ever have to call out sick. With a team of well-trained customer service professionals, like the folks over at Abby Connect live receptionists, you can keep business doors closed but still run things just like it was business as usual.

Try our 14-Day FREE Trial and see what an amazing difference having Abby Connect as your live answering service can make.

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