7 Business Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To

Podcasts have become an excellent way to entertain yourself while commuting, traveling, or working out. We looked at a crop of podcasts that cover a range of business topics from law to real estate to accounting to making a profit. Here are our favorite business podcasts, in no particular order.

All of these podcasts are available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices as well as in a web browser.

How to be awesome at your job

Pete Mockatis helps his podcast listeners become awesome at their jobs. The podcast provides a road map, tools, hacks, and strategies of things people need to do in order to get where they want. Pete’s podcast covers topics from working with a recruiter to the value of awkwardness and upgrading your promotion potential.

Why we love this podcast: The guests give easy to follow tools and strategies that are easy to implement and it gives strategies and new ideas on how to deal with every kind of work situation.

The Gen Why Lawyer

Every week, podcast host Karima Gulick speaks with lawyers and other guests about their advice, stories, and motivation to accomplish your goals and the reasons why we do things. The podcast provides information on topics such as how to build a mobile law practice, how to travel the world while working a full-time job, and breaking into video game law, to name a few.

Why we love this podcast: We love listening to Karima and the podcast because it reminds us to never settle and inspires us to go after the things we really want in life.

Investing in Real Estate

Have you ever wanted to learn about building wealth for you and your family through real estate investing and have fun while doing it? Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris is the perfect place to start. In his podcast, Morris discusses topics such as the power of private money, understanding real estate jargon, and the future of real estate investing.

Why we love this podcast: Listening to Clayton each week allows us to discover how to create financial freedom for ourselves through real estate investing and how to stop the self-doubt, self-loathing, and fear of money that comes with investments.

Growing My Accounting Practice

If you’re looking for a podcast that discusses how to double your value with one conversation, tips for optometrists to grow profits this year, or how to use technology to grow your accounting practice, the Growing My Accounting podcast is for you. Bookkeepers, accountants, and business coaches appear on the show to give their latest strategies for growing your practice through theory and step-by-step instructions.

Why we love this podcast: It’s not just for accountants – it’s for anyone who owns a business and wants to learn new business skills in order to create a profitable organization.

Profit First

Mike Michalowicz shows his entrepreneurial listeners how to increase their bottom line while having the most fun possible, following the Profit First principles. The show covers topics such as profitability in farming, how networking effectively leads to greater profitability, and how to own your dream without selling your soul, among others. Guests on Profit First range from best-selling authors to professors and industry experts.

Why we love this podcast: It balances discussing serious content with a lot of humor from Mike and his co-host joking around. It is both informational and funny, which we find appeals to a wider audience.


This biweekly podcast is about current issues being heard by the United States Supreme Court. Topics range from #MeToo in the Courts, Immigration: Whose Call Is It Anyways, and Travel Ban 3.0 and Rinsing Off Religious Amicus for SCOTUS, to name a few. Podcast guests have included Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, Executive Director of the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown University Law Center, Josh Geltzer, and former Associate Counsel to President Barack Obama, Andrew Wright.

Why we love this podcast: Dahlia Lithwick and her guests provide great insight on the current media topics, as well as current legal issues plaguing our nation.

Court Appointed

Lawyer Mike Meadows and his brother-in-law take on pressing issues such as avoiding trespassing while playing Pokemon Go, HIPAA laws and cases, and death and taxes to educate and entertain lawyers and non-lawyers.

Why we love this podcast: It makes topics which can seem bleak, such as the science behind documenting serial killers and turn it into an engaging and entertaining conversation titled “One Mans’ Trash v Another Mans’ DNA.”

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