The Live Virtual Receptionist for Growing Attorneys and Law Firms

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Busy attorneys with growing law firms need a professional assistant to help your private practice grow. While cannot clone you, we can provide a live virtual receptionist and chat support. Free your time so you can attend to the crucial tasks of taking care of clients and expanding your firm.

Benefits of Working With

Only specializes in live virtual receptionist services in the legal field, while similar companies do not specialize. Specializing in the legal sector allows us to assist you and your clients skillfully with frequently asked questions and helps with client intake.

Our superpower is availability. We know that 76 percent of information seekers will hang up without leaving a message when faced with an unanswered call. Another whopping 67 percent will hang up when faced with automated systems. Another 80 percent of those customers will never call back. When using, we represent your firm with a live virtual receptionist and chat support trained in the legal field. We offer custom answering hours from your standard office hours to 24/7/365. You never miss an opportunity or an important call.

We also offer bilingual services for growing law firms. Whether your clients prefer English or Spanish, your live virtual receptionist is fluent in both languages. It’s time to widen the client base in your private practice. will help your growing law firm qualify and intake new leads from the first call, using English or Spanish. 

We enjoy putting the human factor back into live chat and SMS messages. We know that our culture is one of instant gratification and everyone wants an answer right now. With our live chat and SMS service, your clients will never have that feeling that no one is actually on the other end of that chat message. Not only do we see those messages, but we also answer them with our expertly trained live virtual receptionists.

Our AbbyGO app makes managing your calls and messages a breeze. With downloads available for the iPhone and Android, you can easily catch up while on the run between court appearances, driving to see clients or taking your latest deposition. 

  • Make free outgoing calls through the app using your number
  • SMS messages from your law firm to customers are free
  • Set your call availability for your live virtual receptionist
  • Update payment methods
  • Check your minute balance and usage
  • And much more

Our company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, ensuring quality and verified service. is a family-based company proud to guarantee quality customer service and satisfaction. We go the extra mile to ensure we handle any issues promptly and professionally. We never farm our services out to third-world countries.

At, we are convinced you will love our service so much we are offering a free 14-day trial. We want you to discover how our live virtual receptionist service will benefit your growing law firms. It is tough wearing all the hats at your private practice and our 14-day free trial will show you how we can free up your time to focus on the vital aspects of growing your law firms. (Related Post:

We Fit Your Needs

It’s no joke, the human touch is essential and’s live virtual receptionists have the advantage of being specifically trained in the legal sector. There is so much we can offer your private practice. Our services are expansive, pricing plans perfect for your budget and a no-risk, 14-day free trial. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Need to learn more about live receptionists? Download our Visual Guide to Virtual Reception today and learn just how simple it is to get started.

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Hope Holland

Hope Holland

Hope joined Abby Connect in 2016 as a receptionist. She now leads the Sales Team in their efforts to help small businesses with their communication needs. Hope has always valued the customer experience and understands how crucial it is for businesses that want to succeed. With this mission, she strives to help businesses connect with their clients and improve the experience their business offers.