DaVinci Virtual vs Abby Connect: Make an Informed Choice

When Leonardo da Vinci created his piece, “Vitruvian Man,” every detail of the man’s body was examined in great detail as it was drawn out. Every movement of da Vinci’s pen was exact and purposeful, with every angle of the arms, legs, hands, and feet laid out perfectly. This same attention to detail should be applied to perfecting your business’s customer service and phone answering.

Every conversation had with a client, current or potential, is a stroke of a pen which creates the groundwork for the relationship. Every detail must be taken into account in order to better serve the client and give them the best customer service possible.

While some companies are 100% focused in the areas of virtual receptionists and small business phone answering services, some offer reception as an add-on service. DaVinci Virtual Office Solutions’ services cater to business clients in need of a virtual office location, and also offer answering and virtual receptionist services to its customers. Catered to businesses with consistently low call volume, they offer similar services to many answering services, but charge a premium for the services that come standard at Abby Connect Virtual Receptionists.


DaVinci Pricing

Plan Name Price Per Month Minutes Included
Business 50 $149 50 live answering minutes
Business 100 $239 100 live answering minutes
Premium* 50 $249 50 live answering minutes
Premium* 100 $319 100 live answering minutes

Abby Connect Pricing

Plan Name Price Per Month Minutes Included
100 Minute Plan $279 100 minutes
200 Minute Plan $499 200 minutes
500 Minute Plan $1,089 500 minutes

Some things to keep in mind is DaVinci’s Business Plans includes: Free local or toll-free number, live call answering, call forwarding and screening, voicemail management, advanced call routing and conferencing, unlimited long distance calling, auto-receptionist, and online faxing.

*DaVinci’s Premium Plans includes appointment scheduling, outbound calling, order processing, customer care, bilingual receptionists, administrative tasks, and special FAQs and complex call flows.

All of Abby Connect’s packages include live guaranteed answering, voicemail to email or text, dedicated account manager, dedicated receptionist team, real-time call reports with alerts, unlimited talk time after transfer, unlimited voicemail boxes, unlimited voicemail time, and elite customer service.

Many of the items you have to pay extra for in DaVinci’s premium plans are already in Abby’s standard plans (i.e. customer care, special FAQs & complex calls). Note that DaVinci’s 50-minute premium plan is the same price as Abby’s 100-minute plan, with most “premium features” included. Abby Connect is much more versatile in which they can accommodate both lower and higher call volumes. This allows them to have more flexibility in their plans and not be as restrictive with capabilities.

Bilingual Receptionists

Behind English, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the world. In the virtual receptionist industry, having bilingual receptionists is a necessity. DaVinci Virtual customers only have access to bilingual receptionists if they purchase a Premium 50 or 100 plan. At Abby Connect, they offer bilingual receptionists on all plan levels at no extra charge.

Customer Reviews

If you visit DaVinci’s website, you’ll notice they do not immediately mention virtual receptionist or answering services. They have a few tabs they discuss those topics, with the rest of their website focused primarily on virtual office space and meeting rooms. Their reviews online also demonstrate the same pattern. Almost all of their reviews on sites like ConsumerAffairs, Yelp and TrustPilot showcase customers discussing their virtual office space and meeting rooms. This further implies that reception is just a small part of their business focus, and more of an “add-on.” Abby Connect’s full focus is geared towards live receptionist services and providing non-stop customer care. DaVinci clearly specializes in providing virtual addresses and office services. Providing a unique customer service experience requires full and undivided attention.

When we searched thoroughly through their online reviews to find the limited mentions of their virtual assistant and answering services, we saw some of their clients call them “professional and personal.” We also found a consistent theme of DaVinci employees being unwilling to help their customers and unable to follow the instructions from their clients.

Joey C. posted on TrustPilot about DaVinci’s virtual receptionist services: “I’ve worked with this company for numerous years. The service they provide would be great if they could follow instructions. If we make a call flow change OR remove or add an employee it takes several calls to davinci to get them to follow the change and update their records. They always have excuses for why the changes never took place too….beware they are really good at making excuses. No one takes responsibility at davinci and seems like it’s the blind leading the blind.”

Another user, Rick H., stated on Yelp, “I’ve had absolutely NOTHING but trouble ever since I entrusted Davinci with my business phones in March. Calls routinely go unanswered, operators interrogate callers even though they are merely supposed to answer the calls and patch them through to me. I get every excuse in the book (after they missed 3 calls in a row today, the excuse was “we are having staffing problems”). Selecting DaVinci as my virtual receptionist was the single biggest mistake I’ve made since starting my company 14 years ago.”

Former DaVinci user Mahmoud said on virtualassistantassistant.com, “In our months of testing out different services for our business, DaVinci was by far the most disappointing of those operated from the US. Their pricing is hidden, their employees are not only unfriendly but very rude, and their services are actually quite limited in that you don’t get anything ‘in full.’ We ended up trying out Abby Connect about a month ago and are still rolling with them. Steer clear of the horrible attitudes at DaVinci.”

Employee Reviews

According to many former employees on Glassdoor said working at DaVinci is stressful, unprofessional, and dysfunctional. One former employee said, “The pay is awful. Don’t ever expect to be able to take a day off without getting harassed to come in. It’s a very fun environment to work in, but also extremely unprofessional.”

Another former DaVinci employee said, “Get to be treated like a child, Huge employee turn around, horrible flexibility for people with children, most new hires are fresh out of highschool hence the high turn around, high-stress, back to back work, ‘cliquey’ work environment.”

On Abby Connect’s online employee reviews, Abby employees love where they work and they feel listened to by their management. Wouldn’t you rather have a receptionist in a positive work environment be answering calls for your business?

Whether you’re an artist or a business person, you want your end product to be perfect for your clients. In order to get there, you must pay attention to the little details. Choosing Abby Connect will provide your business with a highly skilled team that pays close attention to your account details and will always give you top notch customer services.

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Experience is a truer guide than the words of others.” If you are wanting to test out a virtual assistant service, look no further. Abby Connect offers a 14-day free trial for anyone wanting to try out the service. To begin your 14-day free trial on Abby Connect, get started below.

*all information is accurate and cited as of 09/2018

Written by

Hope Holland

Hope Holland

Hope joined Abby Connect in 2016 as a receptionist. She now leads the Sales Team in their efforts to help small businesses with their communication needs. Hope has always valued the customer experience and understands how crucial it is for businesses that want to succeed. With this mission, she strives to help businesses connect with their clients and improve the experience their business offers.

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