It’s Coming! Your Work-Life is About to Get Simpler 🙌


We know how painful it can be to miss that million-dollar call, lose clients, and make a bad first impression – and that’s why we’re here to help! Abby can help you live a stress-less life by capturing all your calls and live chat support needs.  

We handle the interruptions, distractions, and intake, so you can focus on other things. Nothing gives us more pleasure than making someone’s day – in fact, it’s our mission!  

We gathered feedback from our long-time customers and developed a brand-new online portal and AbbyGo app. This rebuild improves user experience, overall usability, and adds relevant and desired new features to both platforms. 

Now you’ll have more control, more focus, and more connection through your new app and mobile-friendly web portal. 

Here’s an overview of what’s coming: 

Simplified Status Updates 

Click the On/Off button for your calls. Want calls transferred to you? Great! Click, “Taking Calls.” In important meetings or on vacation? No worries! Click, “Not Taking Calls.” It’s that easy! 


Quickly view minutes and chats usage, recent activities, trends, your team’s information, and seamlessly refer your friends. 

Account Usage Notifications (web portal) 

Never wonder about usage or overages again with our new usage notifications sent right to your inbox. You’ll always be in the know! 

Global Search 

Like a Google search, quickly find communications for a specific caller, number, anything you can enter in the search bar. Type, enter, find. It’s that simple. 

Activity Rating and Real-Time Feedback 

Did your receptionist really impress a caller? Did a call not go as expected? Select a rating and submit feedback directly to your Customer Success Manager in the portal or app. Fast, real-time feedback at your fingertips. 

We Are Dedicated to Your Success 

A virtual receptionist solution like Abby Connect provides customers (you!) with the best service and the best solutions. It’s our mission to make someone’s day. From our customers (you again!) to your callers, we’re driven to make an enduring impact. Work smarter with fewer interruptions, saving your time and callers already greeted and primed for you. Abby is the only partner who assigns you a small, committed team of 5-10 live receptionists who huddle up to learn your business right from the start. Led by a dedicated customer success manager who is your single point of contact, your Abby team creates continuity with your callers and focuses on supporting you as an extension of your team. Our solutions engineer handles all setup and technology integration to get up and running easily. With Abby’s focus on your specific reception needs, you get more focus on what you do best. 

Intelligent Receptionists Create Abby Intelligence 

All our receptionists participate and graduate from our proprietary 5-week training program to ensure each receptionist understands your account. We also provide our receptionists with skill-building workshops that include empathy, de-escalation, message-taking, tone training, and of course industry specific verbiage and knowledge so they can be the best representation of you and your business. 

Our Abby Intelligence process combines call and data with human expertise, continuously learning from your customer touches and suggesting improvements along the way. You remain in control and can simply accept or deny an Abby Intelligence recommendation with the click of a button. 

Pricing Transparency and Predictability 

With our new web portal and AbbyGO app, we designed it for more pricing transparency and predictability to ensure you’ll always be in the know, because cost uncertainty is never a good feeling. And we get that! The dashboard feature will show you current minute usage and activity trends like minute usage, chat usage, call volume, and text volume.  

You’ll have access to real-time call information for control at your fingertips, wherever you are. Back at our office, your dedicated Customer Success Manager is working to optimize the most efficient and effective use of every minute you pay for. 


Be on the lookout 👀 your new online portal and AbbyGO app is coming soon! 

Not an Abby Connect user yet? What are you waiting for? Get started!

We know your time is valuable, so we’re making your life a lot simpler. 

Written by

Racquel Pankau

Racquel Pankau

Racquel's journey began as one of the first Abby receptionists, the most important role at Abby Connect. After 12 years, Racquel has helped grow the company by performing various roles from IT support to hiring, training, staff development, and culture. Today, she is the Thought Leadership Director. Racquel is a published blogger, educational content writer, and speaker for Abby Connect. It’s her absolute pleasure to educate others on the Abby Way, a lifestyle if you will. This includes being warm, welcoming, a bit perky, and having a givers mindset when applied in business helps deliver exceptional customer experiences that lead to growth, customer loyalty, and amazing reviews.

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